About the Hit List

We're constantly working to improve compatibility between Safari and websites around the world. Sometimes that means fixing bugs in WebKit, the Safari engine. Sometimes it means working with site developers to produce more standards-compliant, cross-browser sites. Sometimes it means both. The Hit List is a list of the top ten sites needing compatibility work.

Hit List Alumni are sites that used to be on the list but are fixed in our latest nightly build. They are a small sampling of the compatibility improvements you can expect in the next major Safari release.

Nominating Bugs for the Hit List

The Safari Team at Apple regularly reviews bug reports and selects sites for the Hit List. To have a site considered for the list, simply file a bug.

How You Can Help

When a site first gains a spot on the Hit List, we may know precious little about why it doesn't look right or work perfectly in Safari. Breaking the site down into individual bug reports and writing test case reductions can be immensely helpful.

Of course, fixing a bug that affects a site on the list is also helpful. To get started, just check out the code.