Code Cleanup


We have a number of code cleanup tasks in mind for WebKit, WebCore and JavaScriptCore. We have established coding style guidelines for the frameworks and expect to be cleaning up the code so that it matches these guidelines. In addition there are several cleanup tasks for each framework to better refactor code or to make simplifications that will help make the code easier to understand.

Get Involved!

Follow the Coding Style Guidelines
We welcome patches that clean up code to follow our coding style guidelines.
Eliminate Redundant Code in WebKit and WebCore
Now that WebKit and WebCore are both open source, there is less of a need for an artificial barrier between the two frameworks. Much of the Objective-C code that is in WebKit can be moved to WebCore and converted to C++. This will improve portability, performance, and eliminate redundant constructs (like the fact that both WebCore and WebKit know about loading subresources and have their own frame trees).