The WebKit Open Source Project

Welcome to the web site for the WebKit Open Source Project!

WebKit is the system framework used on Mac OS X by Safari, Dashboard,, and many other OS X applications. It is based on the KHTML engine from KDE.

Getting involved

There are many ways in which you can get involved with the project. You can either check out and build the source code or download the latest nightly build to try out the latest version of WebKit in your Safari browser. Once you have either of these, you can report bugs you find in the software. You can help out with bugs by providing reductions or by submitting patches for review. Contributors with a proven track record of good patches will be given check-in access to the repository.

More info

More information about WebKit can be found on its wiki. You can help here too, by adding information that can help others learn about WebKit. If you have more questions, mail the mailinglist or join the team of developers, testers and other people in #webkit on You can also track our activity on CIA.


There are many exciting projects that you can contribute to. Come help us improve Web site compatibility, write documentation, test WebKit on your hardware, help implement new standards like SVG and MathML, or help enhance our existing standards support for technologies like CSS and the DOM. The code is all here, live and ready to be hacked on!