Getting WebKit

To download a pre-built bundle containing the latest WebKit, visit WebKit Nightly Builds, maintained by Mark Rowe.

Getting the Code

To download the WebKit source tree:

  1. Install a Subversion Client

    Subversion (svn) is the source code management tool used by the WebKit Open Source Project. To download the Mac OS X Subversion client, click here.

  2. Open Terminal

    Terminal resides in /Applications/Utilities. The Finder Go menu provides a quick way to navigate there.

  3. Type this command to check out the WebKit source tree:

    svn checkout svn:// WebKit

Once the checkout has finished, the next step is building WebKit.

Keeping up to Date

Type this command to update your source tree:


It's handy to put WebKit/WebKitTools/Scripts in your shell path so you can type commands like update-webkit without specifying a full path.