Getting the Code

Below are step by step instructions for how to check out the WebKit source code. One of our contributers, Mark Rowe, has also made available WebKit nightly builds for those just interested in testing. Follow the instructions below to obtain the code via subversion (svn).

  1. Install a Subversion Client.

    The Subversion (svn) tool is required to access the WebKit source code. Download the Mac OS X Subversion installer and double-click to install.

  2. Open the Terminal application.

    Terminal can be found in the Utilities folder; a quick way to open the folder is the Finder Go menu.

  3. Type this command to check out the entire WebKit source tree:

    svn checkout svn:// WebKit

  4. After the checkout completes you should have all the source code on your system. The next step is building the code.

Once you have checked out the code, you can update it at any time using the following command:


It's handy to put the WebKitTools/Scripts directory in your shell path so you can type commands like update-webkit without specifying the path to the script.