[EFL] Move navigator content utils's to own directory
[WebKit-https.git] / LayoutTests / platform / efl / fast / dom / NavigatorContentUtils / unregister-protocol-handler-expected.txt
1 This test makes sure that navigator.unregisterProtocolHandler throws the proper exceptions and has no-op default implementation.
3 Pass: window.navigator.unregisterProtocolHandler is defined.
4 Pass: Invalid protocol "http" threw SecurityError exception.
5 Pass: Invalid protocol "https" threw SecurityError exception.
6 Pass: Invalid protocol "file" threw SecurityError exception.
7 Pass: Invalid protocol "web+" threw SecurityError exception.
8 Pass: Valid protocol "bitcoin" allowed.
9 Pass: Valid protocol "geo" allowed.
10 Pass: Valid protocol "im" allowed.
11 Pass: Valid protocol "irc" allowed.
12 Pass: Valid protocol "ircs" allowed.
13 Pass: Valid protocol "magnet" allowed.
14 Pass: Valid protocol "mailto" allowed.
15 Pass: Valid protocol "mms" allowed.
16 Pass: Valid protocol "news" allowed.
17 Pass: Valid protocol "nntp" allowed.
18 Pass: Valid protocol "sip" allowed.
19 Pass: Valid protocol "sms" allowed.
20 Pass: Valid protocol "smsto" allowed.
21 Pass: Valid protocol "ssh" allowed.
22 Pass: Valid protocol "tel" allowed.
23 Pass: Valid protocol "urn" allowed.
24 Pass: Valid protocol "webcal" allowed.
25 Pass: Valid protocol "wtai" allowed.
26 Pass: Valid protocol "xmpp" allowed.
27 Pass: Invalid url "" threw SyntaxError exception.
28 Pass: Invalid url "%S" threw SyntaxError exception.
29 Pass: Valid call succeeded.