Added a colorful new image and fixed the Open Graph attribute.
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2016-07-01 jond@apple.comAdded a colorful new image and fixed the Open Graph...
2016-06-30 dino@apple.comTab pointed out a typo that made the overdamped case...
2016-06-30 dino@apple.comFixed a typo in the link to the other version.
2016-06-30 dino@apple.comAdd the UI JavaScript library to make
2016-06-30 dino@apple.comDemo and JS implementation of our spring() animation
2016-06-30 dino@apple.comSmall change to wording, and link to the interactive...
2016-06-29 dino@apple.comAdd a more interactive version of the demo.
2016-06-28 jond@apple.comFixed tile height for mobile phone-sized viewports.
2016-06-28 jond@apple.comFixed Open Graph meta data and image entries.
2016-06-28 dino@apple.comUpdated content for the color blog post.
2016-06-27 jond@apple.comSet a default image for sharing links via...
2016-06-25 dino@apple.comMore examples for the wide-gamut demo.
2016-06-25 dino@apple.comChange something in the directory in the...
2016-06-24 jond@apple.comRewrite the WebKit Nightly build download URLs to use...
2016-06-13 jond@apple.comMinor style updates for figcaptions and post forewords.
2016-06-13 jond@apple.comAdds support for foreword custom meta and display style...
2016-06-02 dino@apple.comUpdate the example for wider color gamut images.
2016-06-02 dino@apple.comAdding some sample images for a blog post on color.
2016-06-02 fpizlo@apple.comFix typos and make some revisions to the B3 docs
2016-05-31 fpizlo@apple.comUnreviewed, fix an obvious typo: a missing comma.
2016-05-31 fpizlo@apple.comAir needs documentation
2016-05-23 jond@apple.comAdd syntax highglighting for ES6 "let", "const" and...
2016-05-14 beidson@apple.comExtend protector naming code style guideline to cover...
2016-05-13 beidson@apple.comProtector Ref/RefPtrs should have a specified naming...
2016-04-26 timothy@apple.comRemove hard-wraps from the feature policy markdown...
2016-04-14 commit-queue@webki... Publish the Web-exposed feature policy on
2016-04-13 jond@apple.comRemove database quote escapes from pushed tweets.
2016-04-13 jond@apple.comRemove database quote escapes.
2016-04-13 jond@apple.comAdded background color for Safari Technology Preview...
2016-04-07 jond@apple.comImproved drop down menu with translate; cleaned up...
2016-04-05 jond@apple.comMake the @webkit link on the front page link to the...
2016-04-01 jond@apple.comShow tweets by @webkit in the Twitter tile on
2016-03-31 jond@apple.comFix download links for desktops with small resolutions
2016-03-30 jond@apple.comFixed a property access error by removing the lamda...
2016-03-30 jond@apple.comFixed a context error for Nightly Build sync plugin...
2016-03-30 jond@apple.comAdd WebKit Nightly Archives, WebKit Nightly Start,...
2016-03-29 jond@apple.comSupport images above the title on posts
2016-03-22 jond@apple.comAllow the use of custom styles and scripts for blog...
2016-03-09 jond@apple.comFor RSS feeds, convert image and link relative URIs...
2016-03-06 sbarati@apple.comUpdate style guide to reflect our style of only using...
2016-03-01[DFG][FTL][B3] Support floor and ceil
2016-02-16 jond@apple.comAdd a redirect for B3 documentation
2016-02-15 timothy@apple.comFix byline to avoid bumping into content sticks out.
2016-02-14 timothy@apple.comAdjust the appearance of mattewhite figures that are...
2016-02-13 jond@apple.comAdd a CSS class to remove padding when using mattewhite...
2016-02-13 fpizlo@apple.comUnreviewed, upload some blog files.
2016-02-04 jond@apple.comFix bad link on the Feature Status page.
2016-02-02 fpizlo@apple.comGet rid of anonymous stack slots
2016-02-02 mitz@apple.comTagline in B3 docs should match the rest of the website
2016-02-02 fpizlo@apple.comMinor fixes for B3 IR documentation
2016-01-31 fpizlo@apple.comB3 documentation style shouldn't have hacks for h1
2016-01-30 fpizlo@apple.comImprove the style of B3 documentation
2016-01-29 fpizlo@apple.comClean up the B3 documentation a bit
2016-01-29 fpizlo@apple.comB3 should have documentation
2016-01-29 timothy@apple.comAdd some defintion list styles.
2016-01-29 fpizlo@apple.comB3 should have documentation
2016-01-16 timothy@apple.comFix some responsive issues on smaller screens.
2016-01-15 timothy@apple.comEliminate the margin on timeline elements so multiple...
2016-01-14 timothy@apple.comUse a 2px border radius instead to look good on 2x...
2016-01-14 timothy@apple.comFix hairline crack on 1x devices between arrow and...
2016-01-14 timothy@apple.comCorrect some history timeline styles.
2016-01-14 timothy@apple.comAdd styles for a history timeline, needed by an upcomin...
2016-01-06 jond@apple.comFixed Individuals and Vendor Contact formatting.
2015-12-09 jond@apple.comFixed broken link:
2015-12-09 jond@apple.comFixed function call reference.
2015-12-09 jond@apple.comWide tables should be scrollable on narrow mobile screens.
2015-12-09 jond@apple.comFix Code Style Guidelines code parsing.
2015-12-08 jond@apple.comFix social meta for home page.
2015-12-08 jond@apple.comImplemented a workaround for sharp SVG WebKit logo.
2015-12-07 jond@apple.comAddress UX issues with the Contribute menu.
2015-12-05 timothy@apple.comOne last fix for https redirect.
2015-12-05 timothy@apple.comAttempt to fix www redirect again.
2015-12-05 timothy@apple.comFix www redirect again.
2015-12-05 timothy@apple.comFix www redirect when https was used and restore status...
2015-12-05 timothy@apple.comAnother attempt to fix a 404 error when the site loads...
2015-12-05 timothy@apple.comFix a 404 error when the site loads via
2015-12-05 timothy@apple.comFix toggling so hidden links are not clickable still.
2015-12-05 timothy@apple.comFix another place where feature status internal referen...
2015-12-05 jond@apple.comFixed feature status internal reference links.
2015-12-05 jond@apple.comUpdate feature status for up-to-date status information.
2015-12-04 jond@apple.comAdded redirects for old archive.
2015-12-04 jond@apple.comRemoving empty directories from the old site.
2015-12-04 timothy@apple.comAllow index.html indexes again.
2015-12-04 timothy@apple.comRemove the old site files.
2015-12-04 timothy@apple.comYet another attempt to fix the http blog redirects.
2015-12-04 timothy@apple.comAnother attempt to fix the http blog redirects.
2015-12-04 timothy@apple.comAttempt to fix the http blog redirects.
2015-12-04 timothy@apple.comAnother attempt to fix the https redirect.
2015-12-04 timothy@apple.comAttempt to fix the https redirect.
2015-12-04 timothy@apple.comFix redirects.
2015-12-04 timothy@apple.comAdd redirects for the demos folder.
2015-12-04 timothy@apple.comRemove duplicate redirect.
2015-12-04 timothy@apple.comOne more attempt to clean up redirects.
2015-12-04 timothy@apple.comAvoid double slashes after redirect for directories.
2015-12-04 timothy@apple.comFix directory redirects some more.
2015-12-04 timothy@apple.comFix directory redirect ordering.
2015-12-04 jond@apple.comFixed cache logic so download data is correctly available.
2015-12-04 timothy@apple.comAdd some missing redirects for directories of the old...
2015-12-04 jond@apple.comFixed transient behavior when the cache plugin is enabled.
2015-12-03 jond@apple.comAdd sub-section anchors to code style guidelines