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2015-12-04 timothy@apple.comRemove duplicate redirect.
2015-12-04 timothy@apple.comOne more attempt to clean up redirects.
2015-12-04 timothy@apple.comAvoid double slashes after redirect for directories.
2015-12-04 timothy@apple.comFix directory redirects some more.
2015-12-04 timothy@apple.comFix directory redirect ordering.
2015-12-04 timothy@apple.comAdd some missing redirects for directories of the old...
2015-12-01 jond@apple.comRemoved escpaes to correctly pass query string arguments.
2015-12-01 jond@apple.comCorrected rewrite rules to restore convenience paths.
2015-12-01 jond@apple.comUpdated to use the new theme and WordPress...
2010-12-21 abarth@webkit.orgMove WebKitSite to Websites