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2007-05-28 zackImplementing public settings Api for the Qt port.
2007-05-23 hausmannFix signal/slot connection for load progress.
2007-04-27 bdash2007-04-27 Holger Freyther <>
2007-02-24 zackAdjust the animation a little bit to make it more natural.
2007-02-23 zackAdding a little bit of eye-candy to the last
2007-02-23 zackAdding API and code for notification of when the
2007-01-30 zackImprove QtLauncher to make it more useful as a testing...
2007-01-26 zackDisplay pages inside a mainwindow instead of a custom...
2007-01-18 zackImplementing some load progress tracking in the Qt...
2007-01-16 lars Added the start of a public API to the Qt build
2007-01-11 larsStart using the loader in the Qt port.
2006-12-14 hausmann2006-12-14 Simon Hausmann <>
2006-12-13 zackmake it compile after last nights changes from lars...
2006-12-10 zackCleanup the FrameQtClient mess a little bit.
2006-12-10 zackCMake is too slow to make it the default build for...
2006-12-09 zackReviewed by Maciej.
2006-11-19 staikostop level:
2006-11-17 zimmermannReviewed by Mitz. Landed by Niko.
2006-11-10 anderscaWebCore:
2006-11-03 staikos2006-11-03 Zack Rusin <>
2006-11-03 anderscaJavaScriptCore:
2006-10-31 ap2006-10-31 Simon Hausmann <>
2006-10-31 bdash2006-10-31 Zack Rusin <>
2006-10-26 weinigWebCore:
2006-10-24 weinigWebCore:
2006-10-24 bdash2006-10-24 Simon Hausmann <>
2006-09-10 ap Reviewed and landed by ap.
2006-09-04 weinigWebKitQt: