Replace tools32 folder with tools and update WebKit Windows solution accordingly.
[WebKit-https.git] / WebKitLibraries / win / tools / vsprops / FeatureDefinesCairo.vsprops
2013-06-18 roger_fong@apple.comReplace tools32 folder with tools and update WebKit...
2013-06-03 roger_fong@apple.comNuke VS2005 files from the tree.
2013-03-26 tkent@chromium.orgRename ENABLE_INPUT_TYPE_DATETIME
2013-03-19[WinCairo] Unreviewed build fix.
2013-03-13 rniwa@webkit.orgThreaded HTML Parser is missing feature define flags...
2013-03-08[Mac] Add a feature flag for 'view-mode' Media Feature...
2013-03-04 commit-queue@webki... Add build flag for FontLoader
2013-02-27 glenn@skynav.comAdd ENABLE_CSS3_TEXT_LINE_BREAK flag.
2013-02-06 mkwst@chromium.orgAdd an ENABLE_NOSNIFF feature flag.
2013-02-01 alexis@webkit.orgEnable unprefixed CSS transitions by default.
2013-01-22 commit-queue@webki... Add build flag for Canvas's Path object (disabled by...
2013-01-09 commit-queue@webki... Add stub for CanvasProxy
2013-01-04 adamk@chromium.orgRemove ENABLE_MUTATION_OBSERVERS #define
2012-12-19 alexis@webkit.orgImplement CSS parsing for CSS transitions unprefixed.
2012-12-10[CSS3 Backgrounds and Borders] Remove CSS3_BACKGROUND...
2012-12-07 commit-queue@webki... CSS cursor property should support webkit-image-set
2012-11-23[CSS3 Backgrounds and Borders] Implement new CSS3 backg...
2012-11-19 kihong.kwon@samsun... Add PROXIMITY_EVENTS feature
2012-10-25 dominik.rottsches... .: Adding feature for XHR_TIMEOUT
2012-10-19 commit-queue@webki... Rename ENABLE_CSS3_TEXT_DECORATION to ENABLE_CSS3_TEXT
2012-10-18 commit-queue@webki... Implement css3-conditional's @supports rule
2012-10-09 commit-queue@webki... Throttle DOM timers on hidden pages.
2012-08-31 tony@chromium.orgRemove ENABLE_CSS3_FLEXBOX compile time flag
2012-08-15 commit-queue@webki... [css3-text] Add CSS3 Text decoration compile flag
2012-07-29 commit-queue@webki... .: Add ENABLE_CSS_COMPOSITING flag
2012-07-22 tkent@chromium.orgRename ENABLE_METER_TAG and ENABLE_PROGRESS_TAG to...
2012-07-22 tkent@chromium.orgRename ENABLE_DETAILS to ENABLE_DETAILS_ELEMENT
2012-07-21 tkent@chromium.orgRename ENABLE_DATALIST to ENABLE_DATALIST_ELEMENT
2012-07-04 commit-queue@webki... Text Autosizing: Add compile flag and runtime setting
2012-06-29 commit-queue@webki... [CSS Regions] Adding feature defines for CSS Regions...
2012-06-28[WinCairo] Unreviewed build correction. Add two missin...
2012-06-28[WinCairo] Unreviewed build correction. Accidentally...
2012-06-28[WinCairo] Unreviewed build correction. Resync feature...
2012-06-19 commit-queue@webki... Introduce ENABLE_CSP_NEXT configuration flag.
2012-06-16 commit-queue@webki... Unreviewed, rolling out r120280.
2012-06-14 commit-queue@webki... Source/WebCore: Touched to trigger...
2012-06-12 alexis.menard@open... [CSS3 Backgrounds and Borders] Protect box-decoration...
2012-06-09 commit-queue@webki... Add UNDO_MANAGER flag
2012-06-05 commit-queue@webki... Add 'isProtocolHandlerRegistered' and 'unregisterProtoc...
2012-05-24 commit-queue@webki... Font Boosting: Add compile flag and runtime setting
2012-05-24 ojan@chromium.orgadd back the ability to disable flexbox
2012-05-06 eric@webkit.orgRemove 3D_CANVAS define from vsprops files (it was...
2012-05-03 eric@webkit.orgResort FeatureDefinesCairo.vcprops to actually be alpha...
2012-04-27 gavinp@chromium.orgAdd new ENABLE_LINK_PRERENDER define to control the...
2012-03-30 keishi@webkit.orgChange ENABLE_INPUT_COLOR to ENABLE_INPUT_TYPE_COLOR...
2012-03-13 benjamin@webkit.orgAlways enable ENABLE(CLIENT_BASED_GEOLOCATION)
2012-03-09 jonlee@apple.comAdd support for ENABLE(LEGACY_NOTIFICATIONS)
2012-03-04 hans@chromium.orgImplement Speech JavaScript API
2012-02-11 adamk@chromium.orgEnable MUTATION_OBSERVERS by default on all platforms
2012-01-26 zimmermann@webkit.org2012-01-26 Nikolas Zimmermann <>
2012-01-25 commit-queue@webki... ENABLE_SHADOW_DOM should be available via build-webkit...
2011-12-06 rolandsteiner@chro... <style scoped>: disable on Windows by default
2011-11-29 rolandsteiner@chro... <style scoped>: add ENABLE(STYLE_SCOPED) flag to WebKit
2011-11-15 jchaffraix@webkit.orgAdd --css-grid-layout to build-webkit and the build...
2011-11-14 tony@chromium.orgRemove the CSS3_FLEXBOX compile time flag and enable...
2011-11-02 dino@apple.comAdd ENABLE_CSS_SHADERS flag
2011-10-18 abarth@webkit.orgAlways enable ENABLE(XPATH)
2011-10-16 abarth@webkit.orgAlways enable ENABLE(DOM_STORAGE)
2011-10-14 rniwa@webkit.orgMicrodata: Basic implementation of document.getItems...
2011-10-13 abarth@webkit.orgRemove ENABLE(XHTMLMP) and associated code
2011-10-05 tkent@chromium.orgIntroduce feature flags for incomplete input types
2011-10-04 commit-queue@webki... Add GAMEPAD feature flag
2011-09-25 abarth@webkit.orgAlways enable ENABLE(OFFLINE_WEB_APPLICATIONS)
2011-09-24 adamk@chromium.orgAdd ENABLE_MUTATION_OBSERVERS feature flag
2011-09-23 dino@apple.comAdd ENABLE_CSS_FILTERS
2011-09-20 abarth@webkit.orgAlways enable ENABLE(EVENTSOURCE)
2011-09-16 abarth@webkit.orgRename ENABLE(DATABASE) to ENABLE(SQL_DATABASE)
2011-09-15 eric@webkit.orgRemove ENABLE(SVG_AS_IMAGE) since all major ports have...
2011-09-15 eric@webkit.orgRemove ENABLE_SVG_ANIMATION as all major ports have...
2011-09-14 eric@webkit.orgRemove ENABLE_SVG_USE as <use> is required by HTML5
2011-09-14 eric@webkit.orgRemove ENABLE_SVG_USE as <use> is required by HTML5
2011-09-13 eric@webkit.orgRemove ENABLE_SVG_FOREIGN_OBJECT as it is a required...
2011-08-30 commit-queue@webki... Add MediaSource API to HTMLMediaElement
2011-06-22 morrita@google.com2011-06-21 MORITA Hajime <>
2011-06-22 morrita@google.com2011-06-20 MORITA Hajime <>
2011-06-13 tony@chromium.org2011-06-13 Tony Chang <>
2011-06-13 tony@chromium.org2011-06-13 Tony Chang <>
2011-06-10 tony@chromium.org2011-06-10 Tony Chang <>
2011-06-06 commit-queue@webki... 2011-06-06 Alexandru Chiculita <>
2011-06-06 commit-queue@webki... 2011-06-06 Mihnea Ovidenie <>
2011-05-25 tkent@chromium.org2011-05-24 Keishi Hattori <>
2011-04-29 levin@chromium.orgRemove IMAGE_RESIZER related code.
2011-04-24[WinCairo] Unreviewed build change.
2011-04-22 mjs@apple.com2011-04-21 Maciej Stachowiak <>
2011-04-08 hclam@chromium.org2011-04-08 Alpha Lam <>
2011-04-08 hclam@chromium.org2011-04-07 Anna Cavender <>
2011-04-07 scherkus@chromium.org2011-04-07 Andrew Scherkus <>
2011-04-07 scherkus@chromium.org2011-04-07 Anna Cavender <>
2011-04-07 kinuko@chromium.org2011-04-06 Dai Mikurube <>
2011-03-30 bfulgham@webkit.orgUnreviewed build change to activate MathML for WinCairo.
2011-03-02 dcheng@chromium.org2011-03-02 Daniel Cheng <>
2011-03-02 rniwa@webkit.org2011-03-01 Sheriff Bot <>
2011-03-02 dcheng@chromium.org2011-03-01 Daniel Cheng <>
2011-02-04 levin@chromium.orgAdd navigator.registerProtocolHandler behind a flag.
2011-02-02 dbates@webkit.org2011-02-02 Steve Lacey <>
2010-11-10 ossy@webkit.org2010-11-10 Csaba Osztrogon√°c <>
2010-10-29 ossy@webkit.orgFix and cleanup of build systems
2010-10-26 aroben@apple.comFix duplicate vsprops name
2010-09-16 commit-queue@webki... 2010-09-16 Eric Uhrhane <>
2010-08-05 jianli@chromium.orgUnify blob related feature defines to ENABLE(BLOB).