Rollout r31566 as there were a few issues i missed during review (thanks to antti...
[WebKit-https.git] / WebKitLibraries / win / lib /
2008-03-27 Windows build fix after r31322
2008-03-13 New version of WebKitSystemInterface.lib with
2008-02-08 Added 4 new methods:
2007-11-24 Get rid of WebCoreSystemInterface on Windows
2007-11-17 Reviewed by Adam.
2007-10-26 aroben Add wkSetPatternBaseCTM.
2007-10-25 weinig Fix the windows build.
2007-10-25 weinig Added wrapper for getting the foundation cache...
2007-10-25 aroben Added some font-related functions needed for...
2007-10-11 adachan <rdar://problem/5534421>
2007-08-28 adachan <rdar://problem/4876242> Added SPI to fetch...
2007-07-24 adachan2007-07-23 Ada Chan <>
2007-07-20 adachan2007-07-19 Ada Chan <>
2007-07-06 arobenFix <rdar://problem/5301994> Garbled text still showing...
2007-06-12 arobenMerge WindowsMerge to trunk