[Qt] Fix -Werror for the buildbots
[WebKit-https.git] / Tools / qmake / mkspecs / features / unix / default_post.prf
2012-06-12 ossy@webkit.org[Qt] Fix -Werror for the buildbots
2012-06-01 hausmann@webkit.org[Qt] Use -Werror only in developer builds
2012-05-29 vestbo@webkit.org[Qt] Don't add cxx-flags to QMAKE_CFLAGS
2012-05-23 vestbo@webkit.org[Qt] Fix qmake conditional for c++-11 compat warnings
2012-05-22 hausmann@webkit.orgGCC 4.7 and C++11 support.
2012-04-11 abecsi@webkit.orgFix the build with gcc 4.7.0
2012-04-05 ossy@webkit.org[Qt] Fix includes after QtDeclarative -> QtQML renaming
2012-04-02 ossy@webkit.orgUnreviewed, rolling out r112651.
2012-03-30 kkristof@inf.u-sze... [Qt] Build fix by renameing QtDeclarative to QtQml...
2012-03-28 ossy@webkit.org[Qt] Couple of tests have different results on 64 bit...
2012-03-27 ossy@webkit.org[Qt] Make debug build work on 32 bit
2012-03-20 ossy@webkit.orgx86 GCC bug triggers a compilation error in generated...
2012-03-19 ossy@webkit.org[Qt] Unreviewed. Disable -Werror on x86 until proper...
2012-03-12 hausmann@webkit.org[Qt] Fix build with newer Qt 5.
2012-01-23 vestbo@webkit.org[Qt] Don't warn about override and final being C++11...
2011-11-04 vestbo@webkit.org[Qt] Refactor and clean up the qmake build system