Make ASan build not depend on asan.xcconfig
[WebKit-https.git] / Tools / asan / asan.xcconfig
2015-08-11 ap@apple.comMake ASan build not depend on asan.xcconfig
2015-05-26<rdar://problem/21104551> Update build settings
2015-01-31 weinig@apple.comRemove even more Mountain Lion support
2015-01-29 dburkart@apple.comasan.xcconfig should use CLANG_ADDRESS_SANITIZER=YES...
2015-01-10 ggaren@apple.comMake bmalloc work with ASan
2014-12-26<rdar://problem/19348208> REGRESSION (r177027): iOS...
2014-12-24 ap@apple.comDon't force -O1 for debug ASan builds
2014-12-24 ap@apple.comSimplify building with ASan
2014-10-03 option also renamed to generic -fsaniti...
2014-10-02 dfarler@apple.comMove ASan arguments from LLVM (-mllvm) to the frontend
2014-06-04 dfarler@apple.comBuild ASan WebKit for iOS Simulator
2013-08-06 dfarler@apple.comProvide optional OTHER_CFLAGS, OTHER_CPPFLAGS, OTHER_LD...