Introduce put_by_id like IC into put_by_val when the given name is String or Symbol
[WebKit-https.git] / Tools / WinLauncher /
2015-08-12 achristensen@apple.comFix Debug CMake builds on Windows
2015-08-11[Win] Switch Windows build to Visual Studio 2015
2015-08-11 achristensen@apple.comAnother build fix after r188239.
2015-08-11 achristensen@apple.comBuild TestWebKitAPI with CMake on Windows
2015-08-05 achristensen@apple.comBuild DumpRenderTree with CMake.
2015-08-03[Win] Build fix after r187733.
2015-08-01 achristensen@apple.comPrepare for VS2015
2015-07-30 achristensen@apple.comBuild AppleWin port with CMake
2015-07-28 achristensen@apple.comUse Ninja on Windows.
2015-07-23 bfulgham@apple.comSource/WebCore:
2015-07-22 achristensen@apple.comFix quirks in CMake build on Mac and Windows
2015-07-20 achristensen@apple.comResurrect CMake build on Windows.
2015-07-16[Win] Maintain consistent COM Interfaces
2015-06-26 peavo@outlook.comWinLauncher fails to download files.
2015-05-12[Win] Move Windows build target to Windows 7 (or newer)
2015-04-08 achristensen@apple.comAdd CMake build system for WinCairo port.
2015-02-12[Win] [64-bit] Work around MSVC2013 Runtime Bug
2015-01-27[Win] WinLauncher crashes on eleventh site visited
2015-01-25 commit-queue@webki... [Win] Add WebKit message loop interface.
2015-01-19[Win] Periodic failure in DumpRenderTree related to...
2015-01-06[Win] Extend WinLauncher with support for Page Zoom
2014-10-17[Win] Allow WinLauncher to specify Custom User Agent...
2014-10-16[Win] Update DRT to match Mac Logic
2014-10-13[Win] Implement a page load profiling tool
2014-10-08[Win] Resolve various static analyzer warnings in Tools.
2014-09-15 commit-queue@webki... [WinCairo] Make it easier to enable/disable GStreamer.
2014-08-26[Win] WebKit IDL incorrectly passes HWND as OLE_HANDLE
2014-08-17[Win] Unreviewed change to force rebuild
2014-07-09[Win] Remove uses of 'bash' in build system
2014-07-09[Win] Remove use of 'grep' in build steps
2014-07-08 achristensen@apple.comUnreviewed build fix.
2014-06-26[Win] Expose Cache Information to WinLauncher
2014-06-26[Win] Unreviewed gardening. Use consistent line-endings...
2014-06-24[Win] Clean up and refactor WinLauncher
2014-06-24 dbates@webkit.orgRolling out r170340 and r170339.
2014-06-24[Win] Build fix after r134209
2014-06-24[Win] Clean up and refactor WinLauncher
2014-03-15 Replace "Apple Computer, Inc." with "Apple Inc....
2014-01-23 commit-queue@webki... [Curl] There is no way to specify cache folder.
2013-12-19 alex.christensen... [WinCairo] More GStreamer preparations.
2013-12-18 commit-queue@webki... [WinCairo] Preparation for GStreamer on Windows.
2013-12-17 commit-queue@webki... Source/WebKit/win: [WinCairo] Compile fixes for GStream...
2013-12-16 commit-queue@webki... Fixed Win64 build on VS2013.
2013-12-13[Win] Switch WebKit solution to Visual Studio 2013
2013-11-19 ossy@webkit.orgUnreviewed typo fix after r159494.
2013-10-30[WIN] Add executable entry points to DRT and WinLauncher
2013-10-09 commit-queue@webki... Improved WinLauncher.
2013-10-04 commit-queue@webki... Made WinLauncher have better error handling, crash...
2013-10-01 commit-queue@webki... Source/WebCore: Added adoptCOM to COMPtr on Windows.
2013-09-30[Windows] Unreviewed test fix. Prevent crash when chang...
2013-09-26 commit-queue@webki... Removed check for Apple Application Support directory...
2013-09-18 commit-queue@webki... Improved WinLauncher's URL handling.
2013-09-18 alex.christensen... Added back and forward buttons to WinLauncher.
2013-09-17[Windows] Clean up WinLauncher by using smart pointers
2013-09-17[Windows] Add rudimentary history to WinLauncher.
2013-08-21[Windows] Unreviewed gardening: WebInspector should...
2013-08-14[Windows] Simplify Setting WebKit Debugging Options...
2013-08-02[Windows] WebKit1 Fullscreen Video Play is Broken
2013-07-19 achristensen@apple.comAdded x64 configuration to Visual Studio build.
2013-07-18[Windows] Unreviewed build correction.
2013-07-18 bfulgham@apple.comUnreviewed windows build fix.
2013-07-18[Windows] Support in-band text tracks.
2013-06-28 roger_fong@apple.comEnable AVFoundation in Web Prefs for WinLauncher and...
2013-06-28 roger_fong@apple.comUnreviewed build fix for AppleWin port. Fix some file...
2013-06-28 roger_fong@apple.comAdd IAccessibilityDelegate implementation to WinLaunche...
2013-06-18 roger_fong@apple.comReplace tools32 folder with tools and update WebKit...
2013-06-03 roger_fong@apple.comNuke VS2005 files from the tree.
2013-05-31[Windows] Use WinLauncher to display LayoutTest results
2013-05-14[Windows] Switch to embedded manifest commands for...
2013-05-11[Windows] Allow VS2010 Build to use VS2005 Support...
2013-04-26 roger_fong@apple.comMake Apple Windows VS2010 build results into and get...
2013-03-21 roger_fong@apple.comMove common props files for VS2010 solution to WebKitLi...
2013-03-20[WinCairo] Build WebKit Tools under VS2010
2013-02-21 roger_fong@apple.comGet VS2010 Solution B&I ready.
2013-02-15 roger_fong@apple.comUnreviewed. Some final touch-ups to the VS2010 WebKit...
2013-02-14 roger_fong@apple.comMove all .props files from WebKitLibraries folder to...
2013-02-13[Windows] Unreviewed VS2010 fix to add $(ConfigurationB...
2013-02-08 roger_fong@apple.comUnreviewed. VS2010 WebKit Solution touchups.
2013-02-07 roger_fong@apple.comVS2010 WinLauncher project, property sheets and resources.
2013-01-28 commit-queue@webki... Fixing atomicIncrement implementation for Windows by...
2012-08-14 commit-queue@webki... Windows 64 bit compliance
2012-06-12 commit-queue@webki... WinLauncher should show loading errors
2012-01-16[WinCairo] Build fix after r104155. Several debug targe...
2012-01-05 aroben@apple.comMake WinLauncher's window frame respond to clicks/drags...
2012-01-05 aroben@apple.comTurn WinLauncher into a stub .exe launcher and a .dll...
2011-12-15 weinig@apple.comRemove whitespace from InheritedPropertySheets attribut...
2011-06-17 bfulgham@webkit.orgCreate a simple example of using the COM-based C++...
2011-04-27 bfulgham@webkit.org2011-04-26 Brent Fulgham <>
2011-04-18 paroga@webkit.org2011-04-18 Patrick Gansterer <>
2011-03-30 sfalken@apple.comAdd some dynamic annotations to JavaScriptCore/wtf
2011-03-30 sfalken@apple.com2011-03-30 Steve Falkenburg <>
2011-03-30 sfalken@apple.com2011-03-30 Steve Falkenburg <>
2011-03-29 sfalken@apple.com2011-03-29 Steve Falkenburg <>
2011-01-06 sfalken@apple.com2011-01-05 Steve Falkenburg <>
2010-12-18 mitz@apple.comRename WebKitTools to Tools