Add watchlist category for BuildSlaveSupport
[WebKit-https.git] / Tools / Scripts / webkitpy / common / config / watchlist
2019-11-06 aakash_jain@apple.comAdd watchlist category for BuildSlaveSupport
2019-10-18 commit-queue@webki... Remove myself from the CMake watchlist
2019-10-03 jbedard@apple.comAdd myself to various tools watchlists
2019-09-10 mcatanzaro@igalia.comUnreviewed, remove myself from watchlists
2019-09-10[EWS] Watchlist doesn't work sometimes
2019-08-13 jiewen_tan@apple.comAdds WebAuthn and AppSSO into watchlist
2019-08-07 mmaxfield@apple.comAdd WHLSL and WebGPU to the watchlist file
2019-06-22 annulen@yandex.ruUnreviewed, add myself to CMake watchlist
2019-06-11 tzagallo@apple.comUnreviewed, add myself to the JavaScriptCore watchlist.
2018-12-05 drousso@apple.comUnreviewed, add myself to some watch lists.
2018-10-25 commit-queue@webki... Web Inspector: Add a watchlist message rule to warn...
2018-09-20 calvaris@igalia.comUnreviewed. Add W3C imported tests to the MSEEME watchlist.
2018-09-20 calvaris@igalia.comUnreviewed. Fix the Streams API watchlist.
2018-08-15 drousso@apple.comUnreviewed, change my emails.
2018-02-06[GTK][WPE] Add dependencies watching lists for WKGTK...
2018-02-01 carlosgc@webkit.orgUnreviewed. Remove WebInspectorUI watchlist and remove...
2018-01-29, add myself to some watch lists.
2017-12-16 ryanhaddad@apple.comUnreviewed, rolling out r225941.
2017-12-15 webkit@devinrousso.comWeb Inspector: replace HTMLCanvasElement with CanvasRen...
2017-12-07 eric.carlson@apple.comAdd WebRTC watchlist rule, update MediaStream rule
2017-11-09 mcatanzaro@igalia.comUnreviewed, remove Dan from the soup network watchlist
2017-10-28 webkit@devinrousso.comCreate watchlist for files related WebInspector Recording
2017-10-26 joepeck@webkit.orgAdd and update some watchlists
2017-08-29 eric.carlson@apple.comUnreviewed, update my watchlist filters.
2017-07-14 matthew_hanson@app... Update tools and configurations after renaming Source...
2017-07-10 bburg@apple.comWeb Replay: remove some unused code
2017-06-19[GTK] Move GTK+ API files that could be shared to glib...
2017-05-22 tpopela@redhat.comRemove some of the EFL port leftovers
2017-03-13 commit-queue@webki... Remove my email from some of the watchlists
2017-03-07 rego@igalia.comAdd pdr to the rendering watchlist
2017-03-07 mario@webkit.orgUnreviewed. Removed myself from the Accessibility watch...
2017-03-01 simon.fraser@apple.comAdd a way to watch the CSSProperties.json file, and...
2017-02-10[WebCrypto] Add WebCryptoAPI to watchlist
2017-01-19 timothy@apple.comRemove my old email address from contributors.json...
2017-01-14 commit-queue@webki... 26 MotionMark performance tests failing
2016-11-02 achristensen@apple.comRemove Battery Status API from the tree
2016-10-31 keith_miller@apple.comUnreviewed, fix watchlist regexp for wasm.
2016-10-31 keith_miller@apple.comautogenerated files from wasm.json should be in derived...
2016-10-14 carlosgc@webkit.orgUnreviewed. Removed myself from BindingsScripts watch...
2016-08-25 dbates@webkit.orgWatch more things.
2016-07-08 commit-queue@webki... Remove mrobinson from the MathML watchlist
2016-04-25 beidson@apple.comTweaking IndexedDB watchlist and adding myself to it.
2016-04-08 dino@apple.comWatchlist modifications:
2015-12-16 calvaris@igalia.comUnreviewed.
2015-12-16 calvaris@igalia.comUnreviewed.
2015-11-21 said@apple.comUnreviewed, add watchlist for PerformanceTests/Animomet...
2015-11-14 keith_miller@apple.comUnreviewed, change JavaScriptCore watchlist to exclude...
2015-11-12 keith_miller@apple.comUnreviewed, add Michael Saboff to the JavaScriptCore...
2015-11-12 keith_miller@apple.comUnreviewed, add watchlist for Source/JavaScriptCore...
2015-11-12 cdumez@apple.comUnreviewed, add watchlist for history/ and add myself.
2015-11-12 cdumez@apple.comUnreviewed, update my watchlists.
2015-11-03 said@apple.comUnreviewed, add myself to the SVG watchlist.
2015-10-28 calvaris@igalia.comUnreviewed.
2015-10-22 bburg@apple.comUnreviewed, update watchlist for JS builtins.
2015-08-04 burg@cs.washington.eduUnreviewed, update email addresses in contributors...
2015-08-04 calvaris@igalia.comUnreviewed, updated Streams API watchlist.
2015-04-29 carlosgc@webkit.orgUnreviewed. Created a new watchlist for changes in...
2015-04-22 mcatanzaro@igalia.comAdd myself to watchlist
2015-04-20 commit-queue@webki... Add a rule for NetworkCache to watchlist file
2015-04-14 dominik.rottsches... Remove myself from watchlist, remove empty Cairo and...
2015-03-16 calvaris@igalia.comCreated Streams API watchlist
2014-10-16 Unreviewed, add myself to CoordinatedGraphics watchers.
2014-10-14 mmaxfield@apple.comAdding myself to the watchlist to CachedFont
2014-10-12[EFL] Introduce EWebKit_Extension
2014-10-08 Unreviewed, rolling out r174335.
2014-10-06[EFL] Introduce EWebKit_Extension
2014-09-22 carlosgc@webkit.orgUnreviewed. Fix WebKitGTKTranslations rule in watchlist.
2014-09-22 ryuan.choi@gmail.comFix syntaxError in watchlist since r173594
2014-09-13 burg@cs.washington.eduWeb Inspector: remind about rebaselining generator...
2014-08-27 Remove networkinfo watch category in watchlist
2014-08-23 commit-queue@webki... Remove LevelDB.
2014-07-19 andersca@apple.comUpdate.
2014-07-08 mmaxfield@apple.comAdd myself to the watchlist for text-related files
2014-07-04 timothy_horton@app... Typo in watchlist config means four specific people...
2014-06-24 Remove EFL WK1 watch category
2014-06-13 calvaris@igalia.comCreate MSE and EME watchlist
2014-03-31[GTK] Remove scripts code only applicable to autotools
2014-02-27 agomez@igalia.comUnreviewed. Add myself to watchlists
2014-02-27 agomez@igalia.comUnreviewed, rolling out r164790.
2014-02-27[ATK] Utilize AtkTableCell to expose directly Accessibi...
2014-02-27 calvaris@igalia.comUnreviewed. Add Víctor Jáquez and myself to watchlists
2014-02-13 graouts@webkit.orgUnreviewed. changing my email address.
2014-02-05 rego@igalia.comCreate CSS Grid Layout watchlist
2014-02-05 sergio.correia@ope... Unreviewed. Add myself to contributor and watch...
2014-02-05 berto@igalia.comUnreviewed. Add myself to some watchlists.
2014-01-24 eric.carlson@apple.comUnreviewed. Add Philip Jägenstedt to watch and contribu...
2014-01-21 rakuco@webkit.orgUnreviewed, remove myself from some watchlist entries.
2014-01-10 benjamin@webkit.orgRemove the BlackBerry port from trunk
2014-01-10 simon.fraser@apple.comRemove knowledge of Blackberry from build scripts
2014-01-03 ryuan.choi@samsung.comUnreviewed. Add myself to EFL and related watch lists.
2013-12-21 carlosgc@webkit.orgUnreviewed. Add myself to some more watch lists.
2013-12-06 dino@apple.comUpdating ANGLE should point to instructions
2013-10-30 samuel_white@apple.comAX: Add to accessibility watchli...
2013-10-15 roger_fong@apple.comAdding myself to CC list for some components.
2013-10-04 dpranke@chromium.orgremove dpranke from webkitpy watchlist
2013-10-04 ap@apple.comWatchlist is broken after <>
2013-10-04 bfulgham@apple.comRemove Qt features from build and test tools
2013-10-04 Unreviewed. Add myself to some watchlists.
2013-07-19 mrobinson@webkit.orgAdd a couple people to the MathML watchlist
2013-07-03 kalyan.kondapally... git-svn-id: