The list of contributors in should be a separate JSON
[WebKit-https.git] / Tools / Scripts / webkitpy / common / config /
2013-04-16 rniwa@webkit.orgThe list of contributors in should be...
2013-04-16 rniwa@webkit.orgRemove Account class from
2013-04-16 mkwst@chromium.orgUnreviewed update to the watchlist.
2013-04-12 jpfau@apple.comUnreviewed, remove an old email address for myself.
2013-04-11 philn@webkit.orgUnreviewed, update my IRC nickname.
2013-04-08 levin@chromium.orgRemove my watchlist entries.
2013-04-05 cfleizach@apple.comAdd James Craig to the contributors list.
2013-03-28 commit-queue@webki... [BlackBerry] Committer Email Updates
2013-03-27 antti@apple.comFix Zalan's email.
2013-03-23 cmuppala@apple.comUnreviewed. Move self from contributor to committer...
2013-03-21 zoltan@webkit.orgUnreviewed. Add Bem Jones-Bey to the list of contributors.
2013-03-20 skyostil@chromium.orgUnreviewed, add myself to
2013-03-20 caio.oliveira@open... Unreviewed. Adding another email for me.
2013-03-13 esprehn@chromium.orgUnreviewed. Now I'm a reviewer :)
2013-03-11 dgorbik@apple.comAdding myself to the
2013-03-11 silviapf@chromium.orgAdd myself to
2013-03-08 commit-queue@webki... Add Nils Barth and Koji Hara to
2013-03-08 commit-queue@webki... Add myself to
2013-03-01 ryuan.choi@samsung.comUnreviewed, add my secondary email address to the list.
2013-02-28 pdr@google.comAdd Philip Rogers as a reviewer.
2013-02-28 lforschler@apple.comRollout r144366.
2013-02-28 lforschler@apple.comGive Damian Committer privs.
2013-02-28 robert@webkit.orgUpdate my IRC nick
2013-02-27 szledan@inf.u-szeg... Unreviewed. Added myself to
2013-02-27 szledan@inf.u-szeg... Unreviewed, rolling out r144192.
2013-02-27 kkristof@inf.u-sze... Unreviewed. Added myself to
2013-02-25 yoli@rim.comUnreviewed. Edit my personal info.
2013-02-22 kbr@google.comUnreviewed. Changed gman's primary address for auto...
2013-02-21 schenney@chromium.orgUnreviewed, add myself as a reviewer
2013-02-21 jer.noble@apple.comUnreviewed; add myself to the Media watchlist and updat...
2013-02-21 Changing primary email id.
2013-02-20 toyoshim@chromium.orgUnreviewed. Add myself to watch lists.
2013-02-20 esprehn@chromium.orgUnreviewed. Add myself to watch lists.
2013-02-20 hmuller@adobe.comUnreviewed, corrected primary email.
2013-02-19 hmuller@adobe.comUnreviewed. Adding myself as a committer.
2013-02-19 pravin.d@samsung.comUnreviewed, changing primary email.
2013-02-19 abucur@adobe.comUnreviewed. Adding myself as a committer.
2013-02-19 morrita@google.comUnreviewed, updated spelling of my name.
2013-02-18 betravis@adobe.comUnreviewed. Add myself to committers list.
2013-02-18 zarvai@inf.u-szeged.huUnreviewed. Add myself as a committer.
2013-02-18 kangil.han@samsung.comUnreviewed. Add myself as a committer.
2013-02-18 eustas@chromium.orgUnreviewed, add myself to
2013-02-18 Add myself as a committer.
2013-02-18 bw80.lee@samsung.comUnreviewed. Add myself as a committer.
2013-02-17 glenn@skynav.comUnreviewed. Add myself as a committer.
2013-02-15 sadrul@chromium.orgAdd myself ( as committer.
2013-02-15 pablof@motorola.comUnreviewed. Add myself as a committer.
2013-02-15 akling@apple.comUnbreak webkit-patch -- can't have both Committer and...
2013-02-15 jdiggs@igalia.comUnreviewed. Add myself as a committer.
2013-02-15 csaavedra@igalia.comUnreviewed. Add myself as a committer.
2013-02-15 ch.dumez@sisa.sams... Unreviewed. Update Yi Shen, Antonio Gomes and Laszlo...
2013-02-15 kareng@chromium.orgadding myself as a committer
2013-02-12 rtoy@google.comAdd alias
2013-02-09 ch.dumez@sisa.sams... Unreviewed. Update my IRC nickname in
2013-02-09 thakis@chromium.orgAdd myself as a reviewer. (Yay!!!!!)
2013-02-06 ch.dumez@sisa.sams... Unreviewed. Update my email address in
2013-02-04 commit-queue@webki... Unreviewed. Add dstockwell as a contributor in comitter...
2013-02-02 dino@apple.comAdd Antoine Quint to the list of committers
2013-02-02 One is not allowed to use commit-queue to make...
2013-02-02 graouts@apple.comAdd Antoine Quint to the list of committers
2013-01-31 mikhail.pozdnyakov... Update Christophe Dumez's email address
2013-01-30 kseo@webkit.orgUnreviewed. Add Jae Hyun Park to contributor list.
2013-01-29 michael.bruning... Unreviewed, updated my email information.
2013-01-28 rtoy@google.comAdd myself to
2013-01-25 rniwa@webkit.orgUpdate Anne's email address
2013-01-25 pilgrim@chromium.orgAdd Mark Pilgrim as committer
2013-01-23 commit-queue@webki... Adding myself as contributor in (as reque...
2013-01-22 One is not allowed to use commit-queue to make...
2013-01-22 commit-queue@webki... Add myself to
2013-01-18 sudarsana.nagineni... Unreviewed, add my secondary email address to the list.
2013-01-17 commit-queue@webki... sheriffbot can't tell me who "kov" is
2013-01-15 jsbell@chromium.orgUnreviewed. Adding Michael Pruett as contributor.
2013-01-15 victor@rosedu.orgUnreviewed. Update my email addresses.
2013-01-14 commit-queue@webki... Add Alan Cutter as contributor
2013-01-11 mario@webkit.orgUnreviewed. Update my e-mail addresses.
2013-01-09 gman@chromium.orgAdd Gregg Tavares as a committer
2013-01-08 steveblock@google.comAdd email address for Steve Block.
2012-12-31 mkwst@chromium.orgAdd myself to watchlists for CSP and console logs.
2012-12-23 allan.jensen@digia.comUnreviewed update of status to reviewer.
2012-12-18 pravin.d@samsung.comUnreviewed, adding secondary email.
2012-12-18 pravin.d@samsung.comUnreviewed, promoting myself to committer's list
2012-12-18 dino@apple.comUnreviewed. Add Silvia Pfeiffer to contributor list.
2012-12-17 esprehn@chromium.orgUnreviewed. Adding myself to committers list.
2012-12-17 peter@chromium.orgAdd Anton Vayvod and Tim Volodine as contributors in...
2012-12-17 mikhail.pozdnyakov... Unreviewed, add myself to
2012-12-17 jbadics@inf.u-szeg... Unreviewed. Added myself to
2012-12-13 Adding myself to committers list.
2012-12-12 rniwa@webkit.orgAdd Koji Ishii to the list of contributors.
2012-12-11 acolwell@chromium.orgUnreviewed. Adding Aaron Colwell to the contributor...
2012-12-10 dino@apple.comUnreviewed. Adding Antoine to the contributor list...
2012-12-10 mihnea@adobe.comUnreviewed. Adding Mihai Maerean to the list of contrib...
2012-12-06 Fixing the email order to work correctly...
2012-12-06 ojan@chromium.orgAllow for CCing a secondary email address from watchlists
2012-12-06 mvujovic@adobe.comUnreviewed. Add myself to
2012-12-06 james.wei@intel.comAdd myself into
2012-12-05 jonathan.dong@torc... Change email address of Jonathan Dong
2012-12-03 sudarsana.nagineni... Unreviewed. Adding myself to
2012-11-29 Adding secondary email.
2012-11-28 nghanavatian@rim.com2012-11-28 Nima Ghanavatian <>
2012-11-28 thiago.santos@inte... Unreviewed. Use my personal email as bugzilla email.