Rewrite generate-xcfilelists in Python
[WebKit-https.git] / Tools / Scripts / generate-xcfilelists
2019-05-15 krollin@apple.comRewrite generate-xcfilelists in Python
2019-03-26 krollin@apple.comUpdate the way generate-xcfilelists returns strings...
2019-03-20 krollin@apple.comAdd support for more platforms to generate-xcfilelists
2019-02-19 dino@apple.comClean-up output from generate-xcfilelists so it can...
2019-02-05 krollin@apple.comEnable the automatic checking and regenerations of...
2019-01-25 krollin@apple.comComplete the implementation of generate-xcfilelists
2018-12-04 krollin@apple.comUpdate scripts for generating .xcfilelist files
2018-11-09 krollin@apple.comCreate .xcfilelist files