Added new port JSCOnly.
[WebKit-https.git] / Tools / Scripts / build-jsc
2016-03-13 commit-queue@webki... Added new port JSCOnly.
2016-02-29 ossy@webkit.orgRemove more LLVM related cruft
2016-02-03 commit-queue@webki... [webkitdirs] Clarify logic behind is{PortName} functions.
2016-01-28 commit-queue@webki... [webkitdirs] Don't pass cmakeBasedPortName around.
2016-01-18[cmake] Add testair to the build system
2015-11-27[cmake] Add testb3 to the build system
2015-11-20[EFL] Enable FTL JIT by default on X86_64
2015-11-12 dbates@webkit.orgRename webkitdirs::willUseIOS{Device, Simulator}SDKWhen...
2015-10-30[Win] build-jsc and run-javascriptcore-tests do not...
2015-10-30 commit-queue@webki... Unreviewed, rolling out r191766.
2015-10-30[Win] build-jsc and run-javascriptcore-tests do not...
2015-10-29 achristensen@apple.comFix build-jsc on Mac after r191749.
2015-10-08 dbates@webkit.orgAdd LLVM binaries for iOS 9 device
2015-06-04 utatane.tea@gmail.comFix options in build-jsc for CMake builds
2015-06-02 mark.lam@apple.combuild-jsc's --cloop option is broken.
2015-06-02 commit-queue@webki... Unreviewed, rolling out r185066.
2015-06-01 mark.lam@apple.combuild-jsc's --cloop option is broken.
2015-04-28 mcatanzaro@igalia.comFully replace ENABLE_LLINT_C_LOOP with ENABLE_JIT
2015-04-28 commit-queue@webki... Unreviewed, rolling out r183514.
2015-04-28 mcatanzaro@igalia.comFully replace ENABLE_LLINT_C_LOOP with ENABLE_JIT
2015-04-23[CMake] Clean up JSC JIT options
2014-07-28 dbates@webkit.orgAdd support for running the Clang static analyzer when...
2014-07-03 llango.u-szeged... [JavaScriptCore] Add --cmakeargs option to build-jsc.
2014-06-26 llango.u-szeged... [JavaScriptCore] Make build-jsc output format better.
2014-04-29 fpizlo@apple.comUse LLVM as a backend for the fourth-tier DFG JIT ...
2014-04-16 commit-queue@webki... [Win] run-javascriptcore-tests fails to run.
2014-04-09 ggaren@apple.comFix the build-jsc build
2014-03-15 Replace "Apple Computer, Inc." with "Apple Inc....
2014-02-12 mhahnenberg@apple.comBasic framework for a modern jsc CLI
2014-01-31 fpizlo@apple.comUnreviewed, really make --copy-libraries a no-able...
2014-01-31 fpizlo@apple.comUnreviewed, really add the --copy-libraries option.
2014-01-31 fpizlo@apple.comAllow more flexibility for copy-webkitlibraries-to...
2014-01-31 fpizlo@apple.comcopy-webkitlibraries-to-product-directory should accept...
2014-01-23 commit-queue@webki... Unreviewed, rolling out r162612.
2014-01-23 mhahnenberg@apple.comBasic framework for a modern jsc CLI
2013-12-16 commit-queue@webki... [FTL] Allow EFL to build FTL with the build-jsc script.
2013-12-10 commit-queue@webki... Add --makeargs option to build-jsc
2013-12-10 commit-queue@webki... --cloop option does not work in Tools/Scripts/build...
2013-11-15 oliver@apple.comMake CLoop easier to build, and make it work
2013-10-17 commit-queue@webki... Run JavaScriptCore tests again on Windows.
2013-10-04 bfulgham@apple.comRemove Qt features from build and test tools
2013-09-07 fpizlo@apple.comOnly run FTL tests if we have the FTL
2013-08-23 fpizlo@apple.combuild-jsc --ftl-jit should work
2013-07-25 oliver@apple.comfourthTier: developing LLVM in tandem with WebKit shoul...
2013-07-25 oliver@apple.comfourthTier: Landing the initial FTL logic in a single...
2013-06-05 roger_fong@apple.comRemove uses of VS2005 scripts, executables and associat...
2013-04-23 benjamin@webkit.orgRemove wxWebKit support from the Tools
2012-12-11[GTK] Feature enabling/disabling should be possible...
2012-09-12[Qt] Update build-jsc after r128174
2012-04-18 commit-queue@webki... [CMake] Use jsc target instead of ONLY_BUILD_JAVASCRIPTCORE
2012-04-17 commit-queue@webki... [Qt] JSC build should handle --no-webkit2 option to...
2012-03-23[CMake] Fix build-jsc after r111778 and r111797.
2012-03-23 fpizlo@apple.comTools/Scripts/build-jsc doesn't work after WTF move
2012-01-18[Qt] Allow building only a subset of the WebKit sub...
2011-12-21 dbates@webkit.orgTeach build-jsc how to build JavaScriptCore for the...
2011-11-03 commit-queue@webki... Patch by Thouraya ANDOLSI <
2011-04-12 philn@webkit.org2011-04-12 Philippe Normand <>
2011-04-12 commit-queue@webki... 2011-04-12 Thouraya ANDOLSI <thouraya.andolsi@st...
2011-03-29[Qt] Teach build-jsc how to build JavaScriptCore on Qt
2011-03-29[Qt] Teach build-jsc how to build JavaScriptCore on Qt
2011-01-02 abarth@webkit.orgMove JavaScriptCore to Source
2010-12-27 mrobinson@webkit.org2010-12-26 Martin Robinson <>
2010-12-18 mitz@apple.comRename WebKitTools to Tools