Update bot watcher's dashboard to reflect that EWS is on iOS 9 now
[WebKit-https.git] / Tools / BuildSlaveSupport / build.webkit.org-config / public_html / dashboard / Scripts / BubbleQueueServer.js
2015-10-13 ap@apple.comUpdate bot watcher's dashboard to reflect that EWS...
2015-07-30 ap@apple.comReplace Google App Engine with AppScale
2015-01-26 ddkilzer@apple.comAdd iOS EWS to build.webkit.org/dashboard
2015-01-18 ap@apple.combuild.webkit.org/dashboard: OS X EWS is now on Mavericks
2014-10-10 ap@apple.comDashboard metrics page should have EWS statistics
2014-10-06 ap@apple.combuild.webkit.org/dashboard: Add commit queue