Unreviewed, fix GTK/EFL build after r197575 and add mandatory GnuTLS dependency
[WebKit-https.git] / Source / cmake / OptionsEfl.cmake
2016-03-06 mcatanzaro@igalia.comUnreviewed, fix GTK/EFL build after r197575 and add...
2016-02-12 ossy@webkit.org[EFL][GTK] Fix ENABLE(SVG_OTF_CONVERTER) build
2016-02-11 commit-queue@webki... [cmake] Consolidate TextureMapper file and include...
2016-02-08 utatane.tea@gmail.com[GTK][EFL] Enable SamplingProfiler
2016-02-07 commit-queue@webki... [cmake] Move LLVM detection for LLVMDisassembler to...
2016-02-04 ossy@webkit.orgUnreviewed non X86_64 buildfix after r196077.
2016-02-03 mcatanzaro@igalia.com[GTK][EFL] Switch FTL to B3
2016-01-27 ap@apple.comRemove ENABLE_CURRENTSRC
2016-01-12 rniwa@webkit.orgAdd a build flag for custom element
2016-01-06 gyuyoung.kim@webki... [EFL] Set WebKit2 process output name
2016-01-06 zandobersek@gmail.com[CMake] Remove USE_UDIS86 variable
2015-11-20 achristensen@apple.comRemove NETWORK_PROCESS compile flag
2015-11-20 ossy@webkit.org[EFL] Enable FTL JIT by default on X86_64
2015-11-20 commit-queue@webki... Unreviewed, rolling out r192667 and r192668.
2015-11-20 commit-queue@webki... Remove the non-NetworkProcess configurations
2015-11-12 andersca@apple.comEnable cross-platform context menus by default
2015-10-30 gyuyoung.kim@webki... [EFL] Add Shadow DOM feature
2015-10-20 yoav@yoav.wsRename the PICTURE_SIZES flag to CURRENTSRC
2015-10-14 commit-queue@webki... [GTK][EFL] Fix build with cmake 3.4
2015-09-23 gyuyoung.kim@webki... Add a file of pointer-lock to cmake ports
2015-09-20 youenn.fablet@crf... .:
2015-08-04 ossy@webkit.org[CMake] Add an option to build AllInOne files
2015-07-30 commit-queue@webki... [EFL] Enable IndexedDB based on DatabaseProcess
2015-07-29 basile_clement@app... Remove native call inlining
2015-07-03 commit-queue@webki... [EFL] test_ewk2_application_cache_manager has been...
2015-06-23 ryuan.choi@naverco... [EFL] Hyphenation is not supported
2015-06-20 ryuan.choi@naverco... [EFL] Do not consider test directories when DEVELOPER_M...
2015-06-18 ryuan.choi@naverco... [EFL] Use SET_AND_EXPOSE_TO_BUILD instead of definitions
2015-06-17 ryuan.choi@naverco... [EFL] Remove duplicated PUBLIC argument in OptionsEfl...
2015-06-12 gyuyoung.kim@webki... [EFL] Bump EWebKit version from 1.11.0 to 1.14.0
2015-05-28 clopez@igalia.com[CMake] Improve detection and usage of GL/GLES/EGL...
2015-05-28 dino@apple.comimg.currentSrc problem in strict mode with old picturefill
2015-05-12 ryuan.choi@naverco... Linker fails without -DDEVELOPER_MODE=ON
2015-05-09 yoav@yoav.wsRemove the PICTURE_SIZES build flag
2015-05-01 mrobinson@webkit.orgUSE(...) macro should expect unprefixed variables
2015-04-30 ryuan.choi@naverco... [EFL] CMake should be failed if openwebrtc package...
2015-04-29 ryuan.choi@naverco... [EFL] Build failure to find gio-unix
2015-04-29 ryuan.choi@naverco... [CoordinatedGraphics] Merge TILED_BACKING_STORE guard...
2015-04-27 mcatanzaro@igalia.comRename WTF_USE_3D_GRAPHICS to ENABLE_GRAPHICS_CONTEXT_3D
2015-04-27 mrobinson@webkit.org[CMake] Autogenerate cmakeconfig.h.cmake
2015-04-25 mrobinson@webkit.orgRename ENABLE_3D_RENDERING to ENABLE_3D_TRANSFORMS
2015-04-23 mcatanzaro@igalia.com[CMake] Clean up JSC JIT options
2015-04-22 mcatanzaro@igalia.com[CMake] Require specifying visibility of WebKit options
2015-04-16 ossy@webkit.org[EFL] Bump LLVM to version 3.6.0 on X86_64
2015-04-13 ossy@webkit.org[cmake] Add ENABLE(ATTACHMENT_ELEMENT) to the build...
2015-04-13 gyuyoung.kim@webki... [EFL] Enable Media Source
2015-03-24 ossy@webkit.org[EFL] Add OpenWebRTC in jhbuild
2015-03-20 ossy@webkit.orgUnreviewed, kick the GTK bots to regenerate makefile.
2015-03-20 ossy@webkit.orgUnreviewed, kick the GTK bots to regenerate makefile.
2015-03-18 ryuan.choi@naverco... [EFL] Expose JavaScript binding interface through ewk_e...
2015-03-17 gyuyoung.kim@samsu... [CMake][EFL] Build test tools only for developer mode
2015-03-16 gyuyoung.kim@samsu... [CMake][EFL] Rearrange OptionEFL.cmake to improve reada...
2015-02-26 ossy@webkit.org[EFL] Remove unnecessary comment after r179110
2015-01-26 zandobersek@gmail.com[EFL][GTK] Stop compiling with fno-omit-frame-pointer...
2015-01-21 ossy@webkit.orgRemove ENABLE(INSPECTOR) ifdef guards
2015-01-13 weinig@apple.comRemove support for SharedWorkers
2015-01-08 yoon@igalia.com[GTK][ThreadedCompositor] Add support for threaded...
2014-12-03 evab.u-szeged@part... [EFL] Add subtle crypto to the build system
2014-12-02 gyuyoung.kim@samsu... [EFL] Add a ENABLE_CSS_SCROLL_SNAP macro to CMake build...
2014-12-01 ryuan.choi@naverco... [EFL] Drop support for the EFL 1.7
2014-11-28 ryuan.choi@naverco... [EFL] Remove E_Dbus dependency
2014-11-10 evab.u-szeged@part... [EFL] Remove unnecessary version check from OptionsEfl...
2014-11-07 evab.u-szeged@part... [EFL] Require at least EFL 1.9 if ENABLE(ACCESSIBILITY...
2014-11-05 dino@apple.comAdd ENABLE_FILTERS_LEVEL_2 feature guard.
2014-10-28 commit-queue@webki... [EFL] Remove unnecessary defines from OptionsEfl.cmake
2014-10-22 ryuan.choi@gmail.com[EFL] Remove unnecessary ENABLE_3D_RENDERING definition...
2014-10-21 dbatyai.u-szeged... Fix FTL Native Inlining for EFL
2014-10-17 commit-queue@webki... Removing CUSTOM_PROTOCOLS guard
2014-10-11 commit-queue@webki... [EFL] Enable WebP support.
2014-10-09 dino@apple.comRemove ENABLE_CSS3_CONDITIONAL_RULES
2014-10-08 commit-queue@webki... [EFL] Enable custom URI schemes with CustomProtocols
2014-09-30 gyuyoung.kim@samsu... [EFL] Rename TEST_THEME_DIR macro
2014-09-11 llango.u-szeged... [JavaScriptCore] Fix FTL on platform EFL.
2014-09-08 commit-queue@webki... Remove FILTERS flag
2014-09-04 commit-queue@webki... Remove CSS_FILTERS flag
2014-08-29 commit-queue@webki... [EFL] Remove non Coordinated Graphics code path from...
2014-08-27 k.czech@samsung.com[EFL] Share fast/speechsynthesis/ with other ports
2014-08-26 k.czech@samsung.com[EFL] Utilize espeak as a synthesizer back-end for...
2014-08-26 ryuan.choi@samsung.com[EFL] Build break using clang
2014-08-25 ryuan.choi@samsung.com[EFL] Move Efl specific code from Source/CMakeLists.txt
2014-08-24 ryuan.choi@samsung.com[EFL] Introduce DEVELOPER_MODE
2014-08-23 commit-queue@webki... .:
2014-08-22 gyuyoung.kim@samsu... [EFL] Apply eflsymbols.filter to WebKit2
2014-08-19 zalan@apple.comRemove ENABLE(SUBPIXEL_LAYOUT).
2014-08-18 zandobersek@gmail.com[CMake] Optimization-disabling compiler flags should...
2014-08-08 achristensen@apple.comProgress towards using CMake on Mac.
2014-08-05 benjamin@webkit.orgAdd a flag for the CSS Selectors level 4 implementation
2014-08-04 ryuan.choi@samsung.com[EFL] Move DATA_INSTALL_DIR to ewebkit2-0
2014-08-01 betravis@adobe.com[Feature Queries] Enable Feature Queries on EFL/GTK
2014-08-01 achristensen@apple.comProgress towards cmake on Windows.
2014-08-01 carlosgc@webkit.org[CMake] GTK and EFL are using PROJECT_VERSION_PATCH...
2014-08-01 ryuan.choi@samsung.com[EFL] Bump ewebkit version to 1.11
2014-08-01 clopez@igalia.com[EFL] Add support for building with Geoclue2.
2014-07-29 commit-queue@webki... [EFL][GTK] Remove ACCELERATED_COMPOSITING compile flag
2014-07-09 commit-queue@webki... .: [EFL] Support Encrypted Media Extensions.
2014-07-07 yoav@yoav.wsTurn on img@sizes compile flag
2014-07-05 gyuyoung.kim@samsu... [EFL] Support Geolocation
2014-07-03 ryuan.choi@samsung.com[CMAKE] Add WEBKIT_OPTION_DEPEND macro to resolve macro...
2014-07-01 zandobersek@gmail.com[CMake] Add necessary support for building for the...
2014-06-23 k.czech@samsung.com[EFL] Platform support for WebSpeech feature.