bmalloc: Renamed LargeChunk => Chunk
[WebKit-https.git] / Source / bmalloc / bmalloc / BoundaryTag.h
2016-03-25 ggaren@apple.combmalloc: Renamed LargeChunk => Chunk
2016-03-22 ggaren@apple.combmalloc: shrink largeMax
2016-02-19 msaboff@apple.combmalloc: Unify VMHeap and Heap LargeObjects free lists...
2015-03-04 ggaren@apple.combmalloc: Don't branch when setting the owner of a large...
2015-02-28 rniwa@webkit.orgFixed a typo in the previous commit.
2015-02-28 rniwa@webkit.orgEFL build fix after r180797.
2015-02-28 ggaren@apple.combmalloc: Pathological madvise churn on the free(malloc...
2015-02-26 ggaren@apple.combmalloc: Large object free list can grow infinitely
2015-02-26 ggaren@apple.combmalloc: free up a bit in BoundaryTag
2015-02-24 ggaren@apple.combmalloc: Added a little more abstraction for large...
2015-02-11 [EFL][GTK] Use bmalloc instead of tcmalloc
2015-01-21 ggaren@apple.combmalloc: support aligned allocation
2015-01-20 ggaren@apple.combmalloc: a little bit of cleanup
2015-01-17 ggaren@apple.combmalloc: refactored XLarge allocation for better alignment
2014-09-03 ggaren@apple.combmalloc crashes on the EWS bots (due to bad large objec...
2014-04-08 ggaren@apple.comMade bmalloc more #include friendly
2014-04-07 ggaren@apple.combmalloc