bmalloc: Large object free list can grow infinitely
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2015-02-26 mmaxfield@apple.comSource/JavaScriptCore:
2015-02-26[Win] Make build logs more legible by reducing noise
2015-02-26[Win] Use WEBCORE_EXPORT instead of Definition file
2015-02-25<rdar://problem/19949665> Some queues fail to build...
2015-02-25 bshafiei@apple.comVersioning.
2015-02-25 bfulgham@apple.comUnreviewed Windows build fix after r180601.
2015-02-25 commit-queue@webki... Unreviewed, rolling out r180599.
2015-02-25 mmaxfield@apple.comSource/JavaScriptCore:
2015-02-24 utatane.tea@gmail.comREGRESSION(r179429): Can't type comments in Facebook
2015-02-24 commit-queue@webki... Unreviewed, rolling out r180547 and r180550.
2015-02-24 rniwa@webkit.orgDisable font loading events until our implementation...
2015-02-24 utatane.tea@gmail.comREGRESSION(r179429): Can't type comments in Facebook
2015-02-20[iOS] cleanup AirPlay code
2015-02-19 cdumez@apple.comUnreviewed Windows build fix after r180337.
2015-02-18 timothy_horton@app... Adopt WebCore::IOSurface in ImageBuffer
2015-02-18 commit-queue@webki... Unreviewed, rolling out r180286.
2015-02-18 bshafiei@apple.comVersioning.
2015-02-18 beidson@apple.comPage::userContentController() should return a reference...
2015-02-18 cdumez@apple.comAccess FontCache global instance via singleton() static...
2015-02-18 cdumez@apple.comEvict dead resources in MemoryCache in MemoryPressureHa...
2015-02-17 cdumez@apple.comAccess MemoryPressureHandler global instance via a...
2015-02-17 [CMAKE] Remove CMakeLists.txt in WK1 port
2015-02-17 weinig@apple.comAdd experimental <attachment> element support
2015-02-15 commit-queue@webki... [Mac] Possible DDActionContext leaks, RetainPtr cleanup
2015-02-14 burg@cs.washington.eduWeb Inspector: remove some unnecessary Inspector prefix...
2015-02-14 ap@apple.comrel="noreferrer" should make window.opener null
2015-02-12[Win] [64-bit] Work around MSVC2013 Runtime Bug
2015-02-11 commit-queue@webki... [WinCairo] Accelerated compositing should be disabled...
2015-02-11 bshafiei@apple.comVersioning.
2015-02-11[Win] Unreviewed build fix.
2015-02-09 bfulgham@apple.comAX: [Win] OBJID_CLIENT comparisons broken in 64-bit...
2015-02-08 cdumez@apple.comAdd Vector::removeFirstMatching() / removeAllMatching...
2015-02-07 akling@apple.comRef-ify various getters that return HTMLCollection.
2015-02-05[Win] 64-bit build fix after r179702 and r179709
2015-02-05 cdumez@apple.comUnreviewed attempt to fix Windows build after r179702.
2015-02-05[Streams API] Implement a barebone ReadableStream interface
2015-02-05 bshafiei@apple.comVersioning.
2015-02-04[iOS] Add support for deleteFromInputWithFlags.
2015-02-02[Win] Unreviewed build fix after r179489.
2015-02-02 cdumez@apple.comAccess MemoryCache singleton using MemoryCache::singleton()
2015-02-02 cdumez@apple.comUse more references in HistoryItem
2015-01-31 weinig@apple.comRemove even more Mountain Lion support
2015-01-31[Win] Unreviewed 64-bit build fix.
2015-01-31 eric.carlson@apple.comRemove MediaPlayerProxy.h
2015-01-30 cdumez@apple.comRename shared() static member functions to singleton...
2015-01-30[Win] Build fix after r179368.
2015-01-30 bdakin@apple.comRemove more Mountain Lion code from WebKit
2015-01-29 weinig@apple.comRemove support for screen font substitution
2015-01-29 cdumez@apple.comClean up / modernize PageCache class
2015-01-28 bdakin@apple.comRemove Mountain Lion code from WebKit and WebKit2
2015-01-28 cdumez@apple.comRemove dead code from MemoryCache
2015-01-28 commit-queue@webki... [WinCairo] Message loop is flooded with timer messages...
2015-01-28 dburkart@apple.comMove ASan flag settings from DebugRelease.xcconfig...
2015-01-28 cdumez@apple.comFix typo in markPagesForVistedLinkStyleRecalc()
2015-01-28 cdumez@apple.comRename pageCache() to PageCache::shared() and return...
2015-01-28 cdumez@apple.comUse a Ref<CachedResourceLoader> in Document instead...
2015-01-28 bshafiei@apple.comVersioning.
2015-01-28 ap@apple.comMore build fixes for newer clang.
2015-01-28 bdakin@apple.comImmediate action gesture recognizer still doesn't work...
2015-01-27 mitz@apple.comFixed building projects that import WebView.h with...
2015-01-27 andersca@apple.comMake it easy to test enabling formal delegate protocols
2015-01-27[Win] ASSERTION FAILED !m_ptr under AccessibilityContro...
2015-01-27 cdumez@apple.comRename Document::body() to Document::bodyOrFrameset...
2015-01-26 cdumez@apple.comFirst argument to DOM traversal functions should be...
2015-01-26[iOS] [SVG -> OTF Converter] Flip the switch off on iOS
2015-01-25 commit-queue@webki... [Win] Add WebKit message loop interface.
2015-01-23 bfulgham@apple.comSource/WebKit/win:
2015-01-23 timothy_horton@app... QLPreviewMenuItem popovers don't close when the page...
2015-01-23 timothy_horton@app... Infinite recursion in _clearImmediateActionState
2015-01-23 akling@apple.comRemove unused class EmojiFallbackFontSelector.
2015-01-23[Win] Unreviewed test fix after r178965.
2015-01-23 commit-queue@webki... [Win] No plugin content on some sites.
2015-01-22[Win] Expose missing editing features through WebView...
2015-01-22 rniwa@webkit.orgAdd a build flag for ES6 class syntax
2015-01-22 antti@apple.comRename SimpleFontData to Font
2015-01-22 bdakin@apple.comibtoold crash below -[WebView close]
2015-01-21 bdakin@apple.comCrash in QuickLook preview delegate method
2015-01-21[Win] eventSender does not support scalePageBy
2015-01-21 ossy@webkit.orgRemove ENABLE(INSPECTOR) ifdef guards
2015-01-21 bshafiei@apple.comVersioning.
2015-01-21 andersca@apple.comRemove USE(GLIB) code from WebKit1
2015-01-20 ddkilzer@apple.comSwitch to comparing PLATFORM_NAME in terms of macosx
2015-01-20 ossy@webkit.orgRemove non-Windows cruft from WebKit/win/Plugins
2015-01-20[SVG -> OTF Converter] Flip the switch on
2015-01-20 bdakin@apple.comSource/WebCore:
2015-01-20 bdakin@apple.comSpeculative build fix.
2015-01-19 timothy_horton@app... Adjust naming of action menu SPI
2015-01-19 bdakin@apple.comREGRESSION (r178290): Yellow highlight from context...
2015-01-19[Win] Periodic failure in DumpRenderTree related to...
2015-01-19 commit-queue@webki... Unreviewed, rolling out r178653.
2015-01-19 andersca@apple.comTry to fix build warnings with newer versions of clang.
2015-01-19[SVG -> OTF Converter] Flip the switch on
2015-01-19 dbates@webkit.orgAttempt to fix the iOS build after <
2015-01-18 burg@cs.washington.eduWeb Inspector: highlight data for overlay should use...
2015-01-16 bdakin@apple.comMake sure early cancellation of immediate action actual...
2015-01-16 dbates@webkit.orgFix the public iOS SDK build after <
2015-01-16 ossy@webkit.orgRemove ENABLE(SQL_DATABASE) guards
2015-01-15[Win] Unreviewed build fix after r178510
2015-01-15 antti@apple.comRename Font to FontCascade
2015-01-15[Win] Unreviewed build fix after r178459 and r178462.