Rename WKProcessClass to WKProcessPool
[WebKit-https.git] / Source / WebKit2 / UIProcess / API / Cocoa /
2014-02-24 andersca@apple.comRename WKProcessClass to WKProcessPool
2014-02-18 andersca@apple.comAdd SPI for allowing HTTPS certificates
2014-02-18[Cocoa] Implement -description in some API objects
2014-02-18 andersca@apple.comAdd history delegate to WKWebView
2014-01-27 andersca@apple.comMove underlying C++ objects to class extensions
2014-01-23 andersca@apple.comAdd init methods that create default configurations
2014-01-22 andersca@apple.comWKProcessClass should create a WebContext
2014-01-22 andersca@apple.comAdd WKProcessClass class