Remove ImmutableArray::isMutable
[WebKit-https.git] / Source / WebKit2 / ChangeLog
2013-11-13 andersca@apple.comRemove ImmutableArray::isMutable
2013-11-12 andersca@apple.comWKMutableArrayRef should be an ImmutableArray
2013-11-12 andersca@apple.comRemove more functionality from MutableArray
2013-11-12 andersca@apple.comRemove most uses of MutableArray
2013-11-12 andersca@apple.comUse Vector + ImmutableArray instead of MutableArray
2013-11-12 zandobersek@gmail.comUnreviewed GTK build fix after r159129.
2013-11-12 andersca@apple.comStop using WKArrayCreate internally
2013-11-12 ossy@webkit.orgURTBF after r159129, use create() instead of adopt...
2013-11-12 andersca@apple.comSimplify ImmutableArray creation
2013-11-12 ossy@webkit.orgThe last URTBF after r159108 to make GTK happy.
2013-11-12 ossy@webkit.orgOne more URTBF after r159108, I hope the last one.
2013-11-12 timothy_horton@app... Remote Layer Tree: Assertions during layer flushing...
2013-11-12 andersca@apple.comAdd ImmutableArray::createStringArray
2013-11-12 ossy@webkit.orgOne more URTBF after r159108.
2013-11-12 andersca@apple.comBegin cleaning up handling of ImmutableArray vectors
2013-11-12 ossy@webkit.orgOne more URTBF after r159108.
2013-11-12 ossy@webkit.orgURTBF after r159108.
2013-11-12 andersca@apple.comMove StringReference to Platform/IPC
2013-11-12 timothy_horton@app... Remote Layer Tree: Sporadic memory corruption during...
2013-11-12 ossy@webkit.orgUnreviewed, rolling out r159088.
2013-11-12 ossy@webkit.orgURTBF after r159077 to make GTK build happy.
2013-11-12 gns@gnome.orgREGRESSION(r158976): Web Inspector: unable to start...
2013-11-12 andersca@apple.comFrameFilter can just be an std::function instead
2013-11-12 andersca@apple.comRemove unused Qt cruft
2013-11-12 andersca@apple.comREGRESSION (r158927): curly-braces-escaping.html is...
2013-11-12 ryuan.choi@samsung.comUnreviewed build fix on CMake Based port since r159077.
2013-11-12 timothy_horton@app... Remote Layer Tree: Implement Page Overlays
2013-11-11 andersca@apple.comAdd a FrameLoadState object and begin moving loading...
2013-11-11 commit-queue@webki... Remove #include from test input of the *
2013-11-11 andersca@apple.comRemove block based APIs from the WebKit2 C API
2013-11-11[GTK] Crash when printing via javascript in WebKit2
2013-11-11[GTK] [WebKit2] Crash when printing to a file via javas...
2013-11-10 mitz@apple.comUse createCFURLFromBuffer when converting a String...
2013-11-10 andersca@apple.comEncode form data using the KeyedEncoder
2013-11-09 andersca@apple.comRemove an unused file.
2013-11-09 paroga@webkit.orgMove RunLoop from WebCore to WTF
2013-11-09 beidson@apple.comMerge IDBDatabaseBackendInterface and IDBDatabaseBacken...
2013-11-09 ljaehun.lim@samsun... Unreviewed build fix after r158984.
2013-11-09 andersca@apple.comImplement encoding of arrays of objects
2013-11-09 timothy_horton@app... Remote Layer Tree: RemoteLayerBackingStore partial...
2013-11-09 andersca@apple.comImplement more KeyedEncoder functionality
2013-11-09 andersca@apple.comKeyedEncoder should be able to encoder objects
2013-11-09 achicu@adobe.comWeb Inspector: It should be possible to debug the Inspe...
2013-11-09 andersca@apple.comBegin stubbing out a KeyedEncoder class in WebCore
2013-11-09 beidson@apple.comMerge IDBTransactionBackendInterface and IDBTransaction...
2013-11-08 beidson@apple.comMerge IDBCursorBackendInterface and IDBCursorBackendImpl
2013-11-08 andersca@apple.comRemove a workaround for a bug in malloc on Symbian
2013-11-08 andersca@apple.comMore build fixes.
2013-11-08 andersca@apple.comMore build fixes.
2013-11-08 andersca@apple.comTry to fix the 32-bit build.
2013-11-08 andersca@apple.comReplace __alignof with alignof.
2013-11-08 andersca@apple.comAdd a way to get a WKWebProcessPlugInBrowserContextCont...
2013-11-08 andersca@apple.comMore work on WKBrowsingContextHandle
2013-11-08 andersca@apple.comAdd A WKBrowsingContextHandle class
2013-11-08 andersca@apple.comAdd WKRemoteObjectRegistry to WKConnection
2013-11-08 andersca@apple.comEncode and decode NSURLRequests using NSCoder
2013-11-08 andersca@apple.comEncode and decode NSURLResponse objects using NSCoder
2013-11-08 andersca@apple.comMove m_destinationID to MessageDecoder
2013-11-08 andersca@apple.comGet rid of the out-of-line memory attachment type
2013-11-08 simon.fraser@apple.comLots of layers get solid color but transparent contents...
2013-11-07 andersca@apple.comRemove more dead code
2013-11-07 andersca@apple.comDon't repaint the view when the web process crashes
2013-11-07 commit-queue@webki... Report error on unknown template class usage.
2013-11-07[GTK] Glyphs in vertical text tests are rotated 90...
2013-11-07 commit-queue@webki... [Gtk] Remove old takeFocus() method from PageClientImpl...
2013-11-07 mitz@apple.comMoved UIProcess/Cocoa to UIProcess/API/Cocoa.
2013-11-07 commit-queue@webki... [Gtk][EFL] Fix build after r158759
2013-11-07 timothy_horton@app... Remote Layer Tree: RemoteLayerTreeDrawingArea doesn...
2013-11-07 andersca@apple.comImplement enough functionality so that NSURLRequest...
2013-11-07 andersca@apple.comEncoded object stream should be sequential
2013-11-07 andersca@apple.comAllow property list classes to exist in containers
2013-11-07[iOS] Upstream Letterpress effect
2013-11-06 mitz@apple.comFixed multiple API test failures after r158764.
2013-11-06 andersca@apple.comMove allowed classes handling to decodeObject
2013-11-06 commit-queue@webki... Fix EFL build after r158753
2013-11-06 andersca@apple.comImplement more decoding methods
2013-11-06 commit-queue@webki... [Gtk][EFL] Fix build after r158759
2013-11-06 jer.noble@apple.comUnreviewed Mac build fix; include ResourceResponse.
2013-11-06 andersca@apple.comDecode invocation arguments
2013-11-06[Cocoa] Add -[WKNavigationData response]
2013-11-06 weinig@apple.comFix the 32-bit build.
2013-11-06[Cocoa] Add -[WKBrowsingContextController unreachableURL]
2013-11-06 andersca@apple.comEncode parameters as objects
2013-11-06 weinig@apple.comAdd WKBrowsingContextPolicyDelegate
2013-11-06 andersca@apple.comWKRemoteObjectInterface should keep track of allowed...
2013-11-06 andersca@apple.comRemove dead code
2013-11-06 mitz@apple.comPromoted WKBrowsingContextHistoryDelegate.h to private.
2013-11-06[Cocoa] History delegate
2013-11-06 andersca@apple.comBegin work on decoding invocations
2013-11-05 andersca@apple.comWKRemoteObjectDecoder should know which interface it...
2013-11-05 andersca@apple.comAdd support for decoding NSStrings
2013-11-05 benjamin@webkit.orgFix Mountain Lion Debug bot after r158689
2013-11-05 timothy_horton@app... Remote Layer Tree: Apply layer changes to LayerTypeCust...
2013-11-05 andersca@apple.comBegin work on a WKRemoteObjectDecoder object
2013-11-05[WK2] Add a WebKit2 API for Geolocation's highAccuracy
2013-11-05 andersca@apple.comImplement more NSCoder methods
2013-11-05 andersca@apple.comEncode the class name
2013-11-05 andersca@apple.comClean up the WKRemoteObjectEncoder code
2013-11-05 beidson@apple.comIDB: Split backend Cursors and Transactions into their...
2013-11-05 ap@apple.comDumpRenderTree should reset its preferences file on...