[CMake] Ignore warnings in system headers
[WebKit-https.git] / Source / WebKit2 / CMakeLists.txt
2015-05-19 mcatanzaro@igalia.com[CMake] Ignore warnings in system headers
2015-05-18 beidson@apple.comNetworking process on iOS can be suspended and never...
2015-05-18 carlosgc@webkit.orgNetwork Cache: Make Data::adoptMap take the ownership...
2015-05-07 carlosgc@webkit.orgREGRESSION(r182032): [GTK] Production build is broken...
2015-05-04 antti@apple.comRemove NetworkResourceLoadScheduler
2015-04-27 mcatanzaro@igalia.comRename WTF_USE_3D_GRAPHICS to ENABLE_GRAPHICS_CONTEXT_3D
2015-04-27 carlosgc@webkit.org[SOUP] Add initial implementation of NetworkProcess...
2015-04-15 achristensen@apple.comProgress towards CMake on Mac.
2015-04-12 commit-queue@webki... Remove PluginModuleInfo.cpp from WebKit2
2015-04-01 enrica@apple.comInjected bundle messages should be at the page level.
2015-03-26 commit-queue@webki... Progress towards CMake on Mac.
2015-03-20 gyuyoung.kim@samsu... [CMake] Remove duplicated cmake function calls in WebKi...
2015-03-17 zandobersek@gmail.com[CMake] Use a forwarding header for ANGLE's ShaderLang...
2015-03-10 ossy@webkit.org[cmake] Handle unused parameter warnings as build error...
2015-03-09 weinig@apple.com[Content Extensions] Add scaffolding for the WKUserCont...
2015-03-07 weinig@apple.com[Content Extensions] Move compiling of content extensio...
2015-02-28 commit-queue@webki... Unreviewed, rolling out r180804.
2015-02-28 ossy@webkit.orgSource/WebCore:
2015-02-28 cdumez@apple.com[WK2] Drop legacy WKBundlePageDiagnosticLoggingClient API
2015-02-24 ossy@webkit.orgBuildfix after r180585.
2015-02-24 ossy@webkit.orgURTBF after 180575.
2015-02-20 antti@apple.comMove WorkQueue from WK2 to WTF
2015-02-19 ossy@webkit.org[WK2] Unreviewed buildfix for non-Cocoa platforms.
2015-02-05 calvaris@igalia.com[Streams API] Implement a barebone ReadableStream interface
2015-02-04 cdumez@apple.comUnreviewed attempt to fix GTK/EFL build after r179588.
2015-01-31 timothy_horton@app... Add and hook up APINavigationClient
2015-01-23 carlosgc@webkit.org[GTK] Add initial database process support
2015-01-22 carlosgc@webkit.orgAdd API::ContextMenuClient and API::InjectedBundle...
2015-01-18 weinig@apple.comAdd initial experimental user content filtering API
2015-01-16 cdumez@apple.com[WK2] Wire diagnostic logging messages through the...
2015-01-13 clopez@igalia.com[CMake] Unreviewed build fix after r178366.
2015-01-13 clopez@igalia.com[CMake] Unreviewed build fix after r178309.
2015-01-10 weinig@apple.comTry to fix the GTK and EFL builds.
2015-01-10 weinig@apple.comMove Navigation creation out of the Cocoa layer and...
2015-01-06 andersca@apple.comAdd a DatabaseProvider subclass in WebKit2 and use...
2014-12-29 ossy@webkit.orgURTBF after r177805.
2014-12-29 ossy@webkit.orgOne more speculative buildfix after r177794.
2014-12-29 ossy@webkit.orgSpeculative buildfix after r177794.
2014-12-24 gyuyoung.kim@samsu... [EFL][WK2] Fix a lot of build break since r177692
2014-12-23 ljaehun.lim@samsun... Unreviewed build fix after r177661 and r177662
2014-12-22 ossy@webkit.orgURTBF after r177649.
2014-12-18 carlosgc@webkit.org[GTK] Allow to build with ENABLE_NETWORK_CACHE
2014-12-15 antti@apple.comWebKit level persistent caching
2014-12-11 ljaehun.lim@samsun... [CMake] Fix build after WebStorageNamespaceProvider
2014-12-10 ossy@webkit.orgURTBF after r177032.
2014-12-06 mark.lam@apple.comGardening: one more build fix for GTK builds.
2014-12-06 ossy@webkit.orgURTBF, remove duplicated entry due to parallel buildfixing.
2014-12-06 ossy@webkit.orgURTBF after r176849.
2014-12-06 mark.lam@apple.comGardening: another build fix for GTK builds.
2014-12-06 mark.lam@apple.comGardening: more speculative build fix for GTK builds.
2014-12-05 mark.lam@apple.comGardening: speculative build fix for GTK builds.
2014-11-25 evab.u-szeged@part... Remove Qt cruft related to tap higlighting
2014-11-22 jer.noble@apple.comSupport multiple signatures of diagnostic logging.
2014-11-21 timothy_horton@app... Move TextIndicator{Window} to WebCore
2014-11-12 philn@webkit.orgPatch
2014-11-04 timothy_horton@app... Implement yellow highlight over data detected items
2014-11-04 darin@apple.comEliminate ResourceBuffer and use SharedBuffer directly...
2014-11-03 commit-queue@webki... Unreviewed, rolling out r175406, r175413, and r175423.
2014-11-03 timothy_horton@app... Rename FindIndicator{Window} to TextIndicator{Window}
2014-10-31 darin@apple.comEliminate ResourceBuffer and use SharedBuffer directly...
2014-10-14 carlosgc@webkit.org[GTK][CMake] Non-ninja build is broken since r174422
2014-10-02 timothy_horton@app... Move PageOverlay[Controller] to WebCore
2014-09-24 timothy@apple.comMake the Web Inspector use a separate web process.
2014-09-01 gyuyoung.kim@samsu... [CMAKE] Build warning by INTERFACE_LINK_LIBRARIES
2014-08-29 antti@apple.comRemove NetworkResourceLoaderClient and subclasses.
2014-08-25 antti@apple.comRemove load scheduling code from network process
2014-08-13 carlosgc@webkit.org[CMAKE] WebProcess shouldn't need to explicitly link...
2014-08-11 carlosgc@webkit.org[GTK] No IPC messages are sent when building WebKitGTK...
2014-08-10 carlosgc@webkit.org[GTK] REGRESSION(r166239): The ld version script is...
2014-07-28 ryuan.choi@samsung.com[GTK] Keep non-DATABASE_PROCESS build
2014-07-03 andersca@apple.comGet rid of DecoderAdapter and EncoderAdapter
2014-07-02 ossy@webkit.orgURTBF after r170725.
2014-07-02 gyuyoung.kim@samsu... Fix build break on EFL and GTK ports since r170683
2014-07-01 gyuyoung.kim@samsu... Fix build break on EFL and GTK ports since r170611...
2014-06-26 ljaehun.lim@samsun... Unreviewed, CMake build fix after r170450
2014-06-20 ryuan.choi@samsung.comUnreviewed. build fix for the cmake based ports since...
2014-06-09 dbates@webkit.orgAttempt to fix the EFL and GTK builds after <trac.webki...
2014-05-27 weinig@apple.com[WebKit2] Move WebPreferences macro definitions and...
2014-05-18 ossy@webkit.orgCMake Buildfix after r169023.
2014-05-18 ossy@webkit.org[WK2][cmake] Buildfix after r168994.
2014-05-11 ljaehun.lim@samsun... Unreviewed, CMake build fix after r168603
2014-05-08 ap@apple.comMake BlobDataFileReference manage its sandbox extension
2014-05-06 ap@apple.comStop using BlobData on client side
2014-04-18 philn@webkit.orgRemove NETWORK_INFO support
2014-04-16 timothy_horton@app... Deduplicate LayerTreeContext
2014-04-09 commit-queue@webki... Fix EFL Build errors since r166975.
2014-03-31 carlosgc@webkit.org[GTK] Add support for GTK3 plugins
2014-03-21 aestes@apple.com[Webkit2] Add APIDownloadClient for download support.
2014-03-18 ryuan.choi@samsung.com[CMAKE][WK2]Move CoordinatedGraphics related files...
2014-03-14 ossy@webkit.org[CMake] URTBF after r165619.
2014-02-27 msaboff@apple.comAuto generate bytecode information for bytecode parser...
2014-02-26 jinwoo7.song@samsu... Unreviewed CMAKE build fix after r164751.
2014-02-26 mrowe@apple.comRoll out r164732 since it broke Production Mac builds.
2014-02-26 msaboff@apple.comAuto generate bytecode information for bytecode parser...
2014-02-26 beidson@apple.comPipe experimental image controls menu up to WebKit2
2014-02-25 m.pakula@samsung.comUnreviewed EFL build fix attempt after r164562
2014-02-18 ryuan.choi@samsung.com[EFL][WK2] Move and make WKColorPickerResultListener...
2014-02-17 m.pakula@samsung.comUnreviewed EFL build fix attempt
2014-02-06 ryuan.choi@samsung.comUnreviewed build fix attempt on EFL build after r163480
2014-02-01 oliver@apple.com2014-01-31 Oliver Hunt <oliver@apple.com>