Enable SharedArrayBuffer, remove the flag
[WebKit-https.git] / Source / WebKit / win / Interfaces / IWebPreferencesPrivate.idl
2016-12-08 fpizlo@apple.comEnable SharedArrayBuffer, remove the flag
2016-11-17 utatane.tea@gmail.com[ES6][WebCore] Change ES6_MODULES compile time flag...
2016-11-01 fpizlo@apple.comJSC should support SharedArrayBuffer
2016-10-12 pvollan@apple.com[Win] Parallel DRTs are sharing preferences and cache.
2016-10-11 ryanhaddad@apple.comUnreviewed, rolling out r207067.
2016-10-11 pvollan@apple.com[Win] Parallel DRTs are sharing preferences and cache.
2016-09-23 graouts@webkit.orgAdding a new runtime flag for modern media controls.
2016-07-01 commit-queue@webki... Add a runtime flag for DOM iterators
2016-06-28 pvollan@apple.com[Win] Custom elements tests are failing.
2016-06-08 peavo@outlook.com[Win] Shadow DOM tests are failing.
2016-06-03 peavo@outlook.com[Win] Fetch API tests are failing.
2016-06-01 utatane.tea@gmail.comUnreviewed, roll out r201481, r201523: 0.3% regression...
2016-05-28 caitp@igalia.com[JSC] implement async functions proposal
2015-09-22 bfulgham@apple.comSource/WebCore:
2015-08-05 bfulgham@apple.com[Win] Allow display of mixed content on Windows by...
2015-07-24 utatane.tea@gmail.comRemove runtime flags for symbols
2015-07-24 achristensen@apple.comRemove compile and runtime flags for promises.
2015-07-16 bfulgham@apple.com[Win] Maintain consistent COM Interfaces
2015-04-11 utatane.tea@gmail.com[ES6] Enable Symbol in web pages
2015-03-05 utatane.tea@gmail.comHide Promise with runtime flags under Cocoa JSContext API
2015-02-27 bfulgham@apple.com[Win] Remove remaining SafariTheme cruft
2015-02-24 utatane.tea@gmail.comREGRESSION(r179429): Can't type comments in Facebook
2015-01-30 bfulgham@apple.com[Win] Build fix after r179368.
2014-03-17 bfulgham@apple.comProvide preference to enable additional AVFoundation...
2014-03-15 mjs@apple.com.: Replace "Apple Computer, Inc." with "Apple Inc....
2014-02-15 bfulgham@apple.com[Win] Make tests more consistent with Mac platform
2013-06-12 zandobersek@gmail.comRemove memoryInfoEnabled, quantizedMemoryInfoEnabled...
2012-08-16 rniwa@webkit.orgUpdate manual tests and comments to refer to TestRunner...
2012-05-05 dino@apple.comAdd new Setting/Preference to disable requestAnimationFrame
2012-02-13 aestes@apple.com[Windows] Add API to enable inverted color drawing...
2011-08-13 mitz@apple.comSource/WebCore: <rdar://problem/7337717> Add an option...
2011-08-05 andersca@apple.comRemove PluginHalter
2011-07-19 dino@apple.com2011-07-18 Dean Jackson <dino@apple.com>
2011-06-24 yutak@chromium.org2011-06-24 Yuta Kitamura <yutak@chromium.org>
2011-04-30 jer.noble@apple.com2011-04-28 Jer Noble <jer.noble@apple.com>
2011-04-12 alice.liu@apple.comhttps://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=58292
2011-01-17 abarth@webkit.orgMove WebKit into Source