Forward original fragment identifier into System Preview
[WebKit-https.git] / Source / WebKit / UIProcess / Cocoa /
2018-11-01 dino@apple.comForward original fragment identifier into System Preview
2018-10-18 ap@apple.comSwitch from PLATFORM(IOS) to PLATFORM(IOS_FAMILY)
2018-10-01 david_quesada@appl... Add missing Objective-C versions of downloads SPI
2018-09-21 achristensen@apple.comSimply authentication code even more!
2018-09-18 achristensen@apple.comClean up AuthenticationChallengeProxy
2018-09-12 guijemont@igalia.comAdd IGNORE_WARNING_.* macros
2018-08-19[Cocoa] Consolidate inline "wrapper" functions in WebKi...
2018-06-23[WTF] Add user-defined literal for ASCIILiteral
2018-06-20 dino@apple.comBlank viewer comes up and then auto-dismisses when...
2018-05-22 dino@apple.comOptimized path zoom animation needs a valid UIImage...
2018-05-16 dino@apple.comLaunch System Preview as the download starts, rather...
2018-05-16 dino@apple.comPost-review cleanup for 185459
2018-05-15 dino@apple.comDownload and present System Preview
2018-01-22 achristensen@apple.comRemove pre-NetworkSession loading code
2017-11-03 achristensen@apple.comUse CompletionHandlers for redirects
2017-10-20 achristensen@apple.comAdd ObjC SPI to _WKDownloadDelegate missing from WKCont...
2017-10-20 achristensen@apple.comIntroduce completionHandler-based SPI for _WKDownloadDe...
2017-10-20 achristensen@apple.comModernize API::DownloadClient
2017-09-07[WK2] Notify client when downloads are redirected
2017-07-14 matthew_hanson@app... Rename Source/WebKit2 to Source/WebKit.