Support ::before/::after pseudo elements on elements with display:contents
[WebKit-https.git] / Source / WebCore / style / StyleResolveForDocument.cpp
2017-09-27 hyatt@apple.comRename "FlowThread" to "FragmentedFlow"
2017-06-07 jer.noble@apple.comClean-up: RenderElement.h includes headers it doesn...
2017-04-21 timothy_horton@app... Expose obscured insets to web content (as "safe area...
2017-04-21 commit-queue@webki... Unreviewed, rolling out r215597.
2017-04-21 timothy_horton@app... Expose obscured insets to web content (as "safe area...
2017-01-06 akling@apple.comGive RenderObject a Page& getter.
2016-06-13 achristensen@apple.comAdd WebSocketProvider stub
2016-04-25 antti@apple.comInline RenderStyle into RenderElement
2016-04-24 antti@apple.comRenderStyle should not be reference counted
2016-02-02 hyatt@apple.comAdd a line grid pagination SPI to WebKit.
2016-01-25 antti@apple.comResolving direction and writing mode properties should...
2016-01-02 aestes@apple.comReplace WTF::move with WTFMove
2015-11-11 mmaxfield@apple.comMove locale information into FontDescription
2015-11-03[Vertical Writing Mode] Rename "vertical-right" CSS...
2015-10-08 cdumez@apple.comRevert r187626 (and r188025) as it caused a PLT regression
2015-09-16 antti@apple.comSplit FontDescription into lower and higher level types
2015-07-31 mmaxfield@apple.comMove locale information into FontDescription
2015-01-29 weinig@apple.comRemove support for screen font substitution
2015-01-27 cdumez@apple.comIntroduce Document::body() for call sites interested...
2015-01-27 cdumez@apple.comRename Document::body() to Document::bodyOrFrameset...
2015-01-23 akling@apple.comHang CSSFontSelector off Document instead of StyleResolver.
2015-01-15 antti@apple.comRename Font to FontCascade
2015-01-02 cdumez@apple.comMove 'font-size' CSS property to the new StyleBuilder
2014-12-14 akling@apple.comReplace PassRef with Ref/Ref&& across the board.
2014-12-03 antti@apple.comRemove genericFamily enum from FontDescription
2014-11-04 cdumez@apple.comAdd ptr() method to Ref class
2014-05-06 hyatt@apple.comBegin Removal of Old Multi-Column Code.
2014-02-05 akling@apple.comRemove <iframe seamless> support.
2014-01-27 hyatt@apple.comRemove repaint throttling
2014-01-10[iOS] Upstream WebCore and Tools miscellaneous changes
2013-10-29 akling@apple.comRenderElement::style() should return a reference.
2013-10-19 akling@apple.comStart passing RenderStyle around with PassRef.
2013-09-17 akling@apple.comDodge more work during render tree teardown.
2013-08-31 akling@apple.comDon't do document style recalc unless there's a RenderView.
2013-08-30 akling@apple.comDocument style resolve should take Document&.
2013-08-30 akling@apple.comStyleResolver & friends should use Document&.
2013-08-09 antti@apple.comMove static StyleResolver functions to Style namespace