Replace WTF::move with WTFMove
[WebKit-https.git] / Source / WebCore / rendering / svg / RenderSVGInlineText.cpp
2016-01-02 aestes@apple.comReplace WTF::move with WTFMove
2015-09-16 antti@apple.comSplit FontDescription into lower and higher level types
2015-04-16 said@apple.comMinimum font size pref breaks SVG text very badly.
2015-01-23 akling@apple.comHang CSSFontSelector off Document instead of StyleResolver.
2015-01-15 antti@apple.comRename Font to FontCascade
2014-10-16 cdumez@apple.comUse is<>() / downcast<>() for InlineBox subclasses
2014-07-03 dbates@webkit.orgAdd WTF::move()
2014-05-18 antti@apple.comREGRESSION (r160259): text-combine glyphs are not rendered
2014-04-25[CSS Regions] Overflow selection doesn't work properly
2014-03-15 Replace "Apple Computer, Inc." with "Apple Inc....
2014-02-05 ossy@webkit.orgRemove ENABLE(SVG) guards
2014-02-03 akling@apple.comModernize RenderSVGText::locateRenderSVGTextAncestor().
2014-02-03 akling@apple.comRenderSVGInlineText::computeNewScaledFontForStyle(...
2014-01-07 commit-queue@webki... Remove some extra includes from SVG.
2013-12-07 antti@apple.comSave original text for RenderText to a map
2013-11-09 akling@apple.comSVGTextLayoutAttributes always has a RenderSVGInlineText.
2013-11-07 akling@apple.comGenerate type casting helpers for line boxes and use...
2013-11-06 akling@apple.comApply more unique_ptr to line box management.
2013-10-30 akling@apple.comTake line boxes out of the arena.
2013-10-29 akling@apple.comRenderElement::style() should return a reference.
2013-10-14 akling@apple.comPass Document directly to anonymous renderer constructors.
2013-09-19[CTTE] RenderText is always anonymous or associated...
2013-09-16 akling@apple.comCTTE: RenderSVGInlineText always has a Text node.
2013-08-31 akling@apple.comInlineBox::renderer() and pals should return references.
2013-08-30 akling@apple.comStyleResolver & friends should use Document&.
2013-08-25 akling@apple.comRenderObject::document() should return a reference.
2013-08-11 akling@apple.comMake some things that return never-null pointers return...
2013-08-09 antti@apple.comMove static StyleResolver functions to Style namespace
2013-07-02 Introduce toSVGInlineTextBox
2013-04-30 akling@apple.comDon't create StyleResolvers just to invalidate them.
2012-10-07 benjamin@webkit.orgRename first/second to key/value in HashMap iterators
2012-08-28 commit-queue@webki... Unreviewed, rolling out r126914.
2012-08-28 caio.oliveira@open... Rename first/second to key/value in HashMap iterators
2012-08-28 tkent@chromium.orgUnreviewed, rolling out r126836.
2012-08-28 caio.oliveira@open... Rename first/second to key/value in HashMap iterators
2012-06-14 commit-queue@webki... [svg] SVGResources applied to Text with Incorrect Trans...
2012-05-16 zimmermann@webkit.orgREGRESSION(r105057): Infinite loop inside SVGTextLayout...
2012-05-11 commit-queue@webki... Unreviewed, rolling out r116498.
2012-05-09 zimmermann@webkit.orgREGRESSION(r105057): Infinite loop inside SVGTextLayout...
2012-04-25 alexis.menard@open... Rename CSSStyleSelector files to StyleResolver.
2012-04-24 alexis.menard@open... Replace occurences of style selector from variables...
2012-04-24 alexis.menard@open... Rename CSSStyleSelector class to StyleResolver.
2012-04-02 timothy_horton@app... ASSERTION FAILED: m_purgePreventCount in FontCache...
2012-03-27 leviw@chromium.orgRevert linesBoundingBox to integers
2012-03-26 leviw@chromium.orgUpdate localSelectionRect to return a LayoutRect
2012-03-26 schenney@chromium.orgSource/WebCore: Failure to invalidate text position...
2012-03-22 zherczeg@webkit.orgMerge SVGImageBufferTools to SVGRenderingContext
2012-02-24 commit-queue@webki... Recompute font metrics on scale changes
2012-01-18 commit-queue@webki... NULL ptr in WebCore::RenderSVGInlineText::localCaretRect
2012-01-17 zimmermann@webkit.orgLarge SVG text layout performance regression in r81168
2012-01-16 zimmermann@webkit.orgLarge SVG text layout performance regression in r81168
2011-11-29 zimmermann@webkit.org2011-11-29 Nikolas Zimmermann <>
2011-11-02 eae@chromium.orgSwitch RenderText to new layout types
2011-10-31 eae@chromium.orgOverridden LayoutRect method still uses IntRects
2011-09-16 inferno@chromium.orgcachedFont not getting updated for inline SVG text.
2011-08-15 leviw@chromium.orgSwitch remaining SVG Rendering methods to LayoutUnits
2011-08-08 eae@chromium.orgRename absoluteQuadsForRange and InlineTextBox::selecti...
2011-07-09 simon.fraser@apple.com2011-07-08 Simon Fraser <>
2011-07-01 leviw@chromium.org2011-07-01 Levi Weintraub <>
2011-06-24 inferno@chromium.org2011-06-24 Abhishek Arya <>
2011-06-06 leviw@chromium.org2011-06-06 Levi Weintraub <>
2011-06-01 leviw@chromium.org2011-06-01 Levi Weintraub <>
2011-05-10 tonyg@chromium.org2011-05-06 Tony Gentilcore <>
2011-04-29 inferno@chromium.org2011-04-28 Abhishek Arya <>
2011-04-13 zimmermann@webkit.org2011-04-13 Nikolas Zimmermann <>
2011-04-12 cdn@chromium.org2011-04-12 Cris Neckar <>
2011-02-03 zimmermann@webkit.org2011-02-03 Nikolas Zimmermann <>
2011-02-01 hyatt@apple.com
2011-01-22 zimmermann@webkit.org2011-01-21 Nikolas Zimmermann <>
2011-01-08 krit@webkit.org2011-01-08 Dirk Schulze <>
2011-01-08 abarth@webkit.orgMove WebCore into Source