Vary:Cookie validation doesn't work in private browsing
[WebKit-https.git] / Source / WebCore / platform / network / NetworkStorageSession.h
2016-06-11 antti@apple.comVary:Cookie validation doesn't work in private browsing
2016-03-13 weinig@apple.comWebKit can easily crash below NetworkSession::dataTaskF...
2016-03-03 aestes@apple.comAdopt CFNetwork storage partitioning SPI
2015-12-22[CF] Replace CFNetwork-related WebKitSystemInterface...
2015-07-07 beidson@apple.comHTTP Auth cached after disabling private browsing/reset.
2015-07-06 beidson@apple.comRemove unused "m_isPrivate" flag on NetworkStorageSession.
2014-12-02 andersca@apple.comRemove IWebCookieManager on Windows
2014-08-22 commit-queue@webki... Unreviewed, rolling out r172844.
2014-08-22 timothy_horton@app... Revert r172831, it broke the Windows build.
2014-08-21 achristensen@apple.comMore WEBCORE_EXPORT macros.
2014-02-07 mitz@apple.comStop using PLATFORM(MAC) in WebCore/platform except...
2014-01-13[SOUP] Add SoupNetworkSession class to wrap a SoupSession
2013-10-12 darin@apple.comUse unique_ptr instead of delete in a few places
2013-08-16<> [Soup] The testing Networ...
2013-07-25[WK2][Soup] Add private browsing support
2013-07-15 kseo@webkit.orgNetworkStorageSession::createDefaultSession is only...
2013-03-11 darin@apple.comNetworkStorageSession leaks its CFURLStorageSessionRef
2013-02-04[Soup] Wrap SoupSession by NetworkStorageSession
2012-12-26[WIN] Build fix for !USE(CFNETWORK) after r138413.
2012-12-23 Add a separate class for networking related...