Mangled WHLSL names don't need to allocate Strings
[WebKit-https.git] / Source / WebCore / platform / graphics / gpu / cocoa /
2019-08-05 weinig@apple.comMangled WHLSL names don't need to allocate Strings
2019-07-31[WHLSL Remove char/short/half types
2019-07-28[WebGPU] Update GPUComputePipeline errors to match...
2019-07-24[WebGPU] Implement errors for GPURenderPipeline creation
2019-06-14[WHLSL] Implement out-of-bounds and nullptr behavior
2019-06-14[WHLSL] Hook up compute
2019-06-13 sroberts@apple.comUnreviewed, rolling out r246396 and r246397.
2019-06-13[WHLSL] Hook up compute
2019-06-13[WHLSL] Implement array references
2019-05-30[Web GPU] Vertex Buffers/Input State API updates
2019-05-24[WHLSL] Allow vertex attributes to have arbitrary names...
2019-05-23[WHLSL] Implement property resolver
2019-04-18 justin_fan@apple.comSource/WebCore:
2019-04-15 justin_fan@apple.comLet WTF::convertSafely deduce types from arguments.
2019-04-12[Web GPU] Prevent narrowing conversions during Metal...
2019-04-10[Web GPU] Indexed drawing and GPUCommandEncoder crash...
2019-04-02 justin_fan@apple.comSource/WebCore:
2019-03-29[Web GPU] Replace 'unsigned long' with 'unsigned' when...
2019-03-28[Web GPU] Prototype compute pipeline with MSL
2019-03-27[Web GPU] Standardize Web GPU object reference counting...
2019-03-25 tsavell@apple.comUnreviewed, rolling out r243419.
2019-03-24[Web GPU] Prototype compute pipeline with MSL
2019-03-18[WHLSL] Hook up the compiler to our WebGPU implementation
2019-03-18[WHLSL] Hook up the compiler to our WebGPU implementation
2019-03-13[Web GPU] Update GPURenderPipelineDescriptor and add...
2019-03-07[Web GPU] GPUSampler implementation
2019-02-12[Web GPU] DepthStencilAttachment implementation
2019-02-04[Web GPU] Code clean-up for RenderPipeline backend
2019-02-02 justin_fan@apple.comSource/WebCore:
2019-01-31[WebGPU] Support GPUDepthStencilStateDescriptor
2019-01-29[WebGPU] Fix and add validation to WebGPURenderPipeline...
2019-01-17[WebGPU] Update vertex-buffer-triangle-strip.html to...
2019-01-09[WebGPU] Fix vertex-buffer-triangle-strip test and...
2018-12-20 cdumez@apple.comwtf/Optional.h: move-constructor and move-assignment...
2018-12-13[WebGPU] Vertex buffers and WebGPUInputState
2018-12-12 justin_fan@apple.comSource/WebCore:
2018-11-29[WebGPU] WebGPURenderPassEncoder::setPipeline, draw...
2018-11-21 dino@apple.comMove WebGPU platform code to platform/graphics/gpu