[iOS] don't get out of sync when interrupt/resume calls are not balanced
[WebKit-https.git] / Source / WebCore / platform / audio / MediaSession.h
2015-02-10 eric.carlson@apple.com[iOS] don't get out of sync when interrupt/resume calls...
2014-11-21 andersca@apple.comRemove the Timer parameters from timer callbacks
2014-11-08 eric.carlson@apple.com[iOS] video is sometimes allowed to play from the backg...
2014-11-06 jer.noble@apple.comDe-templatize Timer
2014-10-29 adachan@apple.comRemove MediaSessionClient::hasMediaCharacteristics...
2014-10-14 eric.carlson@apple.com[iOS] Refactor AirPlay monitoring code
2014-10-06 adachan@apple.comImplement Page::isPlayingAudio().
2014-08-07 jer.noble@apple.com[Mac] Taking a paused video full screen flashes black...
2014-07-14 bfulgham@apple.com[iOS] Some videos play as inline audio-only content
2014-06-21 ossy@webkit.orgRemoving PAGE_VISIBILITY_API compile guard.
2014-05-01 eric.carlson@apple.com[iOS] do not pause video when entering background while...
2014-04-24 bfulgham@apple.com[Mac, iOS] Stop buffering media when on an inactive...
2014-03-19 eric.carlson@apple.comMake Remote Control commands testable
2014-03-13 jer.noble@apple.comAdd remote control command support to MediaSession.
2014-03-13 eric.carlson@apple.com[iOS] Sync media playback with now playing
2014-02-04 eric.carlson@apple.comRefine MediaSession interruptions
2014-02-04 commit-queue@webki... Unreviewed, rolling out r163376.
2014-02-04 eric.carlson@apple.comRefine MediaSession interruptions
2014-01-16 eric.carlson@apple.comAllow MediaSessionManager to restrict inline <video...
2014-01-16 eric.carlson@apple.comMediaSessionManager shouldn't use std::map
2014-01-13 eric.carlson@apple.comAllow MediaSessionManager to restrict media playback
2014-01-08 eric.carlson@apple.comTeach MediaSessionManager to manage interruptions