Move URL from WebCore to WTF
[WebKit-https.git] / Source / WebCore / page / SocketProvider.h
2018-12-01 keith_miller@apple.comMove URL from WebCore to WTF
2017-08-17[PAL] Relocate SessionID to root
2017-08-17[PAL] Move SessionID into PAL
2017-08-04 bburg@apple.comRemove ENABLE(WEB_SOCKET) guards
2017-02-06 achristensen@apple.comcredentials should be partitioned by main document...
2016-08-26 ossy@webkit.orgFix the !ENABLE(WEB_SOCKETS) build
2016-08-15 achristensen@apple.comRemove unused includes of wtf headers
2016-08-12 commit-queue@webki... Don't use a NetworkingContext when creating SocketStrea...
2016-07-14 achristensen@apple.comUse SocketProvider to create SocketStreamHandles
2016-07-14 ossy@webkit.orgFix the !ENABLE(WEB_SOCKETS) build after r202930
2016-07-07 commit-queue@webki... Use SocketProvider to create WebSocketChannels
2016-06-13 achristensen@apple.comAdd WebSocketProvider stub