[iOS] Implement idempotent mode for text autosizing
[WebKit-https.git] / Source / WebCore / page / FrameViewLayoutContext.cpp
2019-04-26 mmaxfield@apple.com[iOS] Implement idempotent mode for text autosizing
2019-04-11 commit-queue@webki... requestAnimationFrame should execute before the next...
2019-04-05 simon.fraser@apple.comHave ScrollableArea store a ScrollType for the current...
2019-03-29 commit-queue@webki... Implement ResizeObserver.
2019-03-16 rniwa@webkit.orgRemove LayoutAssertionDisableScope after r241289
2019-02-04 simon.fraser@apple.comMake setNeedsLayout on the root more explicitly about...
2019-02-02 zalan@apple.com[LFC] Initialize ICB's style with fixed width/height.
2018-12-08 antti@apple.com[LFC] Rename LayoutFormattingState files to LayoutState
2018-12-07 antti@apple.comRename LayoutState to RenderLayoutState
2018-12-03 zalan@apple.comAdd a runtime feature flag for LayoutFormattingContext.
2018-11-21 zalan@apple.com[LFC] LayoutState should always be initialized with...
2018-10-31 zalan@apple.com[LFC] Rename LayoutContext to LayoutState
2018-10-18 ap@apple.comSwitch from PLATFORM(IOS) to PLATFORM(IOS_FAMILY)
2018-07-03 zalan@apple.com[LFC] Implement minimum/maximum content width logic.
2018-05-31 zalan@apple.com[LFC] Add quirks mode setter/getting to LayoutContext
2018-05-28 zalan@apple.com[LFC] Add formatting context testing codepath in FrameV...
2018-04-24 antti@apple.comRename LayoutCtx.h/cpp to LayoutContext.h/cpp