CTTE Timer and DeferrableOneShotTimer
[WebKit-https.git] / Source / WebCore / html / shadow / MediaControlElements.h
2014-01-11 andersca@apple.comCTTE Timer and DeferrableOneShotTimer
2013-12-31 akling@apple.comElement's renderer factory should return RenderPtrs.
2013-12-18 dbates@webkit.org[iOS] Upstream WebCore/html changes
2013-10-27 akling@apple.comRenderers should receive their style at construction.
2013-10-18 andersca@apple.comRemove spaces between template angle brackets
2013-10-16 akling@apple.comTake RenderObjects out of the arena.
2013-10-07 andersca@apple.comAdd OVERRIDE and virtual where appropriate
2013-09-20 antti@apple.comMake createRenderer() return RenderElement
2013-09-16 weinig@apple.comCTTE: Element::createRenderer() should take references
2013-09-15 weinig@apple.com[CTTE] Node subclasses should take a Document by refere...
2013-09-04 commit-queue@webki... [GTK] add support for subtitles on webkit2GTK
2013-07-22 eric.carlson@apple.com[iOS] captions sometimes positioned incorrectly after...
2013-06-21 jer.noble@apple.com[iOS] Hang drawing captions after pressing the home...
2013-05-12 akling@apple.comApply FINAL to the Node hierarchy.
2013-04-10 eric.carlson@apple.comUpdate all float attributes in HTMLMediaElement to...
2013-04-09 eric.carlson@apple.com[Mac] user caption styles not applied to correct element
2013-04-04 eric.carlson@apple.com[Mac] add "automatic" text track menu item
2013-03-27 jer.noble@apple.comSource/WebCore: Source/WebCore: Mac: Media Controls...
2013-03-20 eric.carlson@apple.comAllow ports specific text track menu
2013-03-11 dgorbik@apple.comNot all properties apply to the '::cue' pseudo-element
2013-02-24 eric.carlson@apple.com[Mac] user preference caption style applied incorrectly
2013-02-06 eric.carlson@apple.comMore updates to Caption user preferences
2012-12-18 dino@apple.comTrack menu should be sorted
2012-12-14 jer.noble@apple.comAllow the text track contents to be displayed externall...
2012-12-14 roger_fong@apple.comEnable video caption controls on Windows.
2012-12-07 commit-queue@webki... Implement general ::cue pseudo element for the <video>
2012-12-07 eric.carlson@apple.comCaptions menu doesn't update to track changes
2012-12-05 commit-queue@webki... Refactor Media Control Elements to remove code duplication.
2012-11-28 dino@apple.comAttempted build fix for my last commit. The private...
2012-11-27 dino@apple.comMake track list control active
2012-11-14 dino@apple.comSupport list of tracks in caption media controls
2012-11-12 zandobersek@gmail.comUnreviewed, rolling out r134154.
2012-11-10 dino@apple.comSupport list of tracks in caption media controls
2012-11-10 commit-queue@webki... Unreviewed, rolling out r134152.
2012-11-10 dino@apple.comSupport list of tracks in caption media controls
2012-11-10 commit-queue@webki... Unreviewed, rolling out r134139.
2012-11-10 dino@apple.comSupport list of tracks in caption media controls
2012-10-18 jer.noble@apple.comFullscreen movie controls behave incorrectly when click...
2012-10-05 commit-queue@webki... Unreviewed, rolling out r130556 and r130564.
2012-10-05 jer.noble@apple.comAllow ports to override text track rendering style
2012-07-30 allan.jensen@nokia.comThere is no way to tell whether an element can be activ...
2012-07-28 commit-queue@webki... Add an overlay play button to media controls on android
2012-07-28 commit-queue@webki... Unreviewed, rolling out r123908.
2012-07-27 commit-queue@webki... Add an overlay play button to media controls on android
2012-06-14 commit-queue@webki... Change mute button and volume slider behaviour for...
2012-06-12 thakis@chromium.orgRemove unused member variables found by clang's -Wunuse...
2012-05-13 commit-queue@webki... Volume slider needs to be displayed below the mute...
2012-04-24 commit-queue@webki... Extra display logic for the media control panel element
2012-04-23 commit-queue@webki... Simplify volume slider rendering
2012-04-13 jer.noble@apple.comfullscreen/video-controls-drag.html failing on Mac
2012-04-09 commit-queue@webki... Unreviewed, rolling out r113609.
2012-04-09 commit-queue@webki... Source/WebCore: Simplified volume slider rendering.
2012-03-29 dpranke@chromium.orgSource/WebCore: rollout r112484, r112545, r112574
2012-03-29 commit-queue@webki... Source/WebCore: Removed particular rendering for the...
2012-03-16 jer.noble@apple.comWrong icon to restore to windowed mode in full screen...
2012-03-12 commit-queue@webki... Source/WebCore: The main code structure for placing...
2012-02-29 jer.noble@apple.comFull screen video volume slider has "progress bar"
2011-12-19 eric.carlson@apple.comRender text tracks
2011-12-02 jer.noble@apple.comMediaControls should use MediaController if present.
2011-11-16 darin@apple.comIncorrect type checks in RenderTheme media code
2011-10-11 commit-queue@webki... Need more efficient ways to set inline CSS styles
2011-10-10 jer.noble@apple.comMediaControlSeekButtonElement should support seeking...
2011-08-18 eae@chromium.orgSwitch html/* to to new layout types
2011-06-10 darin@apple.com2011-06-10 Darin Adler <darin@apple.com>
2011-06-09 tkent@chromium.orgAllow drawing a slider thumb for any nodes.
2011-05-30 darin@apple.com2011-05-30 Jer Noble <jer.noble@apple.com>
2011-05-28 jer.noble@apple.com2011-05-28 Jer Noble <jer.noble@apple.com>
2011-04-19 commit-queue@webki... 2011-04-18 Steve Lacey <sjl@chromium.org>
2011-04-12 dglazkov@chromium.org2011-04-12 Dimitri Glazkov <dglazkov@chromium.org>