Replace PassRef with Ref/Ref&& across the board.
[WebKit-https.git] / Source / WebCore / html / shadow / DetailsMarkerControl.cpp
2014-12-14 akling@apple.comReplace PassRef with Ref/Ref&& across the board.
2014-09-23 cdumez@apple.comUse downcast<HTML*Element>() instead of toHTML*Element()
2014-07-31 benjamin@webkit.orgCleanup DetailsMarkerControl
2014-07-03 dbates@webkit.orgAdd WTF::move()
2014-03-14 svillar@igalia.comRename DEFINE_STATIC_LOCAL to DEPRECATED_DEFINE_STATIC_...
2013-12-31 akling@apple.comElement's renderer factory should return RenderPtrs.
2013-11-21 Generate toHTMLFooElement() to clean up static_cast<>
2013-11-20 commit-queue@webki... Unreviewed, rolling out r159551.
2013-11-20 Generate toHTMLFooElement() to clean up static_cast<>
2013-10-27 akling@apple.comRenderers should receive their style at construction.
2013-10-16 akling@apple.comTake RenderObjects out of the arena.
2013-09-20 antti@apple.comMake createRenderer() return RenderElement
2013-09-16 weinig@apple.comCTTE: Element::createRenderer() should take references
2013-09-14[CTTE] Node subclasses should take a Document by refere...
2013-09-14 akling@apple.comCTTE: RenderDetailsMarker is never anonymous.
2013-08-20<> Replace NodeRenderingCont...
2013-03-11 inferno@chromium.orgAdd ASSERT_WITH_SECURITY_IMPLICATION to catch bad casts.
2013-02-08 tkent@chromium.orgAdjust usage of ENABLE flags to enable whole content
2012-11-09 benjamin@webkit.orgImprove the use of AtomicString with literals
2012-07-23 tkent@chromium.orgReplace some instances of shadowAncestorNode() with...
2012-07-22 tkent@chromium.orgRename ENABLE_DETAILS to ENABLE_DETAILS_ELEMENT
2011-05-24 morrita@google.com2011-05-19 MORITA Hajime <>
2011-04-22 mjs@apple.com2011-04-21 Maciej Stachowiak <>
2011-04-15 morrita@google.com2011-04-15 MORITA Hajime <>