Use a 1-byte enum class for TextDirection
[WebKit-https.git] / Source / WebCore / dom / ExtensionStyleSheets.cpp
2017-05-03 antti@apple.comRename StyleInvalidationAnalysis to Style::Invalidator
2017-02-09 akling@apple.comDocument should always have a Settings.
2017-01-17 commit-queue@webki... Remove unnecessary includes
2016-10-29 commit-queue@webki... Remove some unnecessary includes
2016-10-21 antti@apple.comStyle resolver should be updated lazily
2016-10-14 antti@apple.comShare inline stylesheets between shadow trees
2016-10-07 antti@apple.comRename AuthorStyleSheets to Style::Scope
2016-09-25 antti@apple.comAuthorStyleSheets shouldn't trigger synchronous style...
2016-09-24 antti@apple.comMove stylesheet change logic from Document to AuthorSty...
2016-09-23 commit-queue@webki... Unreviewed, rolling out r206311.
2016-09-23 antti@apple.comMove stylesheet change logic from Document to AuthorSty...
2016-09-05 commit-queue@webki... Clean CSS stylesheets should be accessible from JavaScript
2016-03-15 weinig@apple.comAdd a baseURL parameter to _WKUserStyleSheet
2016-03-10 commit-queue@webki... Unreviewed, rolling out r197943.
2016-03-10 weinig@apple.comAdd a baseURL parameter to _WKUserStyleSheet
2016-03-09 weinig@apple.comStop using the UserContentController for injecting...
2016-01-15 mmaxfield@apple.comMixing Content Blocking of fonts and display:none rules...
2016-01-02 aestes@apple.comReplace WTF::move with WTFMove
2015-10-24 commit-queue@webki... Web Inspector: Clean up InspectorInstrumentation includes
2015-09-23 antti@apple.comSplit author style code out from DocumentStyleSheetColl...