[CSS Parser] Remove WebkitCSSTransformValue
[WebKit-https.git] / Source / WebCore / css / CSSValue.h
2016-12-14 hyatt@apple.com[CSS Parser] Remove WebkitCSSTransformValue
2016-12-13 hyatt@apple.com[CSS Parser] Eliminate SVGPaint and SVGColor
2016-12-13 hyatt@apple.com[CSS Parser] Rename CSSPrimitiveValue::UnitTypes to...
2016-12-10 hyatt@apple.com[CSS Parser] Remove the old CSS Parser
2016-11-01 dino@apple.comRemove WebKitCSSFilterValue to make Hyatt happy
2016-10-27 hyatt@apple.com[CSS Parser] Implement CSS variables
2016-10-26 hyatt@apple.com[CSS Parser] Unify CSSCustomPropertyValue and CSSCustom...
2016-10-18 hyatt@apple.com[CSS Parser] Get all the properties turned on
2016-10-17 darin@apple.comMove CSS classes from ExceptionCode to Exception
2016-10-06 mmaxfield@apple.comPut variation fonts work behind a compile-time flag
2016-09-30 mmaxfield@apple.comParse font-variation-settings
2016-09-29 antti@apple.comRemove addSubresourceStyleURLs functions
2016-09-13 hyatt@apple.com[CSS Parser] Add CSS Variable Parsing support
2016-08-22 achristensen@apple.comSource/WebCore:
2016-08-17 antti@apple.comRemove CSS_IMAGE_SET feature define
2016-08-15 achristensen@apple.comRemove unused includes of wtf headers
2016-06-07 weinig@apple.comAdd experimental support for spring based CSS animations
2016-06-06 ryanhaddad@apple.comUnreviewed, rolling out r201706.
2016-06-06 commit-queue@webki... Add experimental support for spring based CSS animations
2016-05-23 cdumez@apple.comClean up / Modernize the CSS Parser
2016-05-20 commit-queue@webki... Fix null dereferencing in CSSAnimationTriggerScrollValu...
2016-04-12 svillar@igalia.com[css-grid] Add parsing support for <auto-repeat> syntax
2015-10-17 hyatt@apple.comImplement the CSS4 'revert' keyword.
2015-10-15 hyatt@apple.comAdd support for the CSS 'unset' keyword.
2015-10-15 hyatt@apple.comImplement CSS Variables.
2015-09-24 hyatt@apple.comAdd support for CSS Custom Properties (in preparation...
2015-08-12 gyuyoung.kim@webki... Reduce use of PassRefPtr in WebCore/css
2015-07-07 simon.fraser@apple.comRevert use of SVG <mask> elements for -webkit-mask...
2015-07-07 simon.fraser@apple.comRevert use of SVG <mask> elements for -webkit-mask...
2015-06-19 dino@apple.comProvide a way for web developers to draw a Theme-specif...
2015-05-13 antti@apple.comCached CSS image resources don't show up after reloadin...
2015-05-04 jfernandez@igalia.com[CSS Box Alignment] Upgrade justify-content parsing...
2015-03-17 dino@apple.comParsing and Style Resolution of Container-based Animati...
2015-03-16 commit-queue@webki... Unreviewed, rolling out r181572.
2015-03-16 dino@apple.comParsing and Style Resolution of Container-based Animati...
2014-12-18 stavila@adobe.com[SVG Masking] Enable the use of <mask> elements for...
2014-12-15 commit-queue@webki... Unreviewed, rolling out r177223 and r177226.
2014-12-12 stavila@adobe.com[SVG Masking] Enable the use of <mask> elements for...
2014-12-04 stavila@adobe.com[SVG Masking] Add support for referencing <mask> elemen...
2014-11-04 cdumez@apple.comAllow implicit conversion from Ref<T> to T&
2014-10-03 cdumez@apple.comUse is<>() / downcast<>() for CSSValue subclasses
2014-09-04 commit-queue@webki... Remove CSS_FILTERS flag
2014-08-20 achristensen@apple.comIntroducing WEBCORE_EXPORT macro.
2014-08-20 commit-queue@webki... Unreviewed, rolling out r172798.
2014-08-20 achristensen@apple.comIntroducing WEBCORE_EXPORT macro.
2014-03-24 commit-queue@webki... [CSS Grid Layout] Update named <grid-line> syntax to...
2014-02-28 ryuan.choi@samsung.comBuild break when disabled CSS_GRID_LAYOUT
2014-02-13 commit-queue@webki... [CSS Grid Layout] Rename named areas property
2014-02-05 ossy@webkit.orgRemove ENABLE(SVG) guards
2014-01-23 mvujovic@adobe.comRemove CSS Custom Filters code and tests
2014-01-15 krit@webkit.orgRemove unnecessary WebkitCSSSVGDocumentValue
2013-11-28 antti@apple.comRemove feature: CSS variables
2013-11-13 akling@apple.comRefalize CSSCursorImageValue.
2013-10-22 gyuyoung.kim@samsu... Use TYPE_CASTS_BASE for CSS_VALUE_TYPE_CASTS
2013-10-18 andersca@apple.comRemove spaces between template angle brackets
2013-10-10 svillar@igalia.com[CSS Grid Layout] Implement support for grid-template
2013-10-07 gyuyoung.kim@samsu... Generate toCSSFooValue() for CSSCursorImageValue, CSSCu...
2013-10-02 gyuyoung.kim@samsu... Generate toCSSFooValue for CSS child values
2013-09-30 gyuyoung.kim@samsu... Generate toCSSCalcValue instead of using manual cast...
2013-09-30 gyuyoung.kim@samsu... Generate toCSSFooValue for CSSGradientValue, CSSLinearG...
2013-09-30 gyuyoung.kim@samsu... Generate toCSSFooValue() for CSSCanvasValue
2013-09-30 gyuyoung.kim@samsu... Generate toCSSFooValue() for CSSLineBoxContainValue
2013-09-27 darin@apple.comrename KURL to URL
2013-09-24 gyuyoung.kim@samsu... Introduce CSS_VALUE_TYPE_CASTS macro in order to cast...
2013-09-23 commit-queue@webki... Unreviewed, rolling out r156253.
2013-09-23 gyuyoung.kim@samsu... Introduce CSS_VALUE_TYPE_CASTS macro in order to cast...
2013-09-19 rniwa@webkit.orgRemove superfluous CSSLinearTimingFunctionValue and...
2013-09-05 krit@webkit.orgSupport interpolation between cross-fade() images
2013-08-15 krit@webkit.orgImplement CSS Image filter() function
2013-04-22 benjamin@webkit.orgRemove the memory instrumentation code
2013-04-22 krit@webkit.org[Part 4] Parse the custom() function in -webkit-filter...
2013-02-11 commit-queue@webki... Implement CSSValue::equals(const CSSValue&) to optimise...
2012-12-07 commit-queue@webki... CSS cursor property should support webkit-image-set
2012-09-13 loislo@chromium.orgWeb Inspector: NMI: migrate core instrumentation code...
2012-09-06 michelangelo@webki... Parse the array() function for custom filters
2012-08-24 commit-queue@webki... webkit-image-set() function not showing up when computi...
2012-08-07 commit-queue@webki... [CSS Shaders] Parse mix function
2012-08-06 yurys@chromium.orgWeb Inspector: add memory instrumentation for CSSValue...
2012-08-05 antti@apple.comDon't reuse cached stylesheet with failed or canceled...
2012-07-24 commit-queue@webki... Null-pointer crash when a derived color like -webkit...
2012-06-29 senorblanco@chromi... Source/WebCore: Implement filter url() function.
2012-06-25 hclam@chromium.orgUnreviewed, rolling out r121137.
2012-06-25 ukai@chromium.orgUnreviewed compile error fix of Chromium Win Release.
2012-06-13 macpherson@chromiu... WIP: Implement CSS Variables Standard.
2012-05-30 commit-queue@webki... Unreviewed, rolling out r118913.
2012-05-30 antti@apple.comRename Foo::addSubresourceStyleURLs and Node::addSubres...
2012-05-29 kling@webkit.orgGive StylePropertySet a proper mutability flag.
2012-05-23 antti@apple.comRename StyleSheetInternal to StyleSheetContents
2012-04-11 antti@apple.comSplit CSSStyleSheet into internal and CSSOM type
2012-04-09 antti@apple.comDon't expose internal CSSValues in API
2012-04-04 tony@chromium.orgRemove flex function css parsing
2012-03-30 kling@webkit.orgKill CSSTimingFunctionValue.
2012-03-22 bdakin@apple.comhttps://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=80322
2012-03-20 kling@webkit.orgLet CSSImageValue inherit directly from CSSValue.
2012-02-21 kling@webkit.orgKill FontFamilyValue.
2012-01-28 mikelawther@chromi... CSS calc parsing stage
2012-01-20 alexis.menard@open... remove CSSBorderImageValue
2012-01-09 alexis.menard@open... Extend CSSValueList to allow slash separated lists.
2011-12-03 kling@webkit.orgShrink CSSValueList.
2011-11-24 macpherson@chromiu... CSSValue: reorder ClassType enum to allow faster compar...