Use uint8_t vectors for WebCrypto data
[WebKit-https.git] / Source / WebCore / Modules / websockets / WebSocketHandshake.cpp
2013-11-17 ap@apple.comUse uint8_t vectors for WebCrypto data
2013-09-28 mrowe@apple.comWebCore fails to build with newer versions of clang.
2013-09-27 darin@apple.comrename KURL to URL
2013-05-15 andersca@apple.comRemove WebSocketHandshakeResponse class
2013-05-15 andersca@apple.comRemove WebSocketHandshakeRequest class
2013-04-25 commit-queue@webki... Sec-WebSocket-Extensions header field must not appear...
2013-04-03 commit-queue@webki... Refine LOG messages in WebSocket related components
2013-03-13 inferno@chromium.orgReplace static_casts with to* functions for document...
2013-02-26 toyoshim@chromium.orgAdd User-Agent header in opening handshake headers.
2012-10-12[WebSocket] Add "Cache-Control: no-cache" to handshake...
2012-09-10 paroga@webkit.orgAdd StringBuilder::appendNumber() and use it
2012-08-30 abarth@webkit.orgReplace uses of WTF::String::operator+= with StringBuilder
2012-07-14 wangxianzhu@chromi... Move WebCore/platform/text/Base64 to WTF/wtf/text
2012-07-10 abarth@webkit.orgWebSocket: Remove hixie76 protocol implementation
2012-04-03 jocelyn.turcotte... Expose reusable WebSocket code for WebSocketServer.
2012-04-03 jocelyn.turcotte... Add Generic HTTP Request Class. Generalized HTTP Parsing.
2012-03-29 commit-queue@webki... [WebSocket]Browser must fail connection if Sec-WebSocke...
2012-03-28 commit-queue@webki... [WebSocket]The Sec-WebSocket-Protocol must not appear...
2012-03-21 commit-queue@webki... [WebSocket]The Sec-WebSocket-Accept MUST NOT appear...
2012-02-26 abarth@webkit.orgMove websockets to Modules/websockets