Mangled WHLSL names don't need to allocate Strings
[WebKit-https.git] / Source / WebCore / Modules / webgpu / WHLSL / Metal / WHLSLTypeNamer.cpp
2019-08-05 weinig@apple.comMangled WHLSL names don't need to allocate Strings
2019-07-31[WHLSL] Add a fast path for TypeNamer::insert where...
2019-07-29 weinig@apple.comStringBuilder::append(makeString(...)) is inefficient
2019-07-29 timothy_horton@app... Fix the release build
2019-07-27 sbarati@apple.comUnreviewed. Remove invalid assertion after r247878.
2019-07-25[WHLSL] Use bmalloc instead of system malloc for WHLSL...
2019-07-20[WHLSL] Make enums work
2019-06-27[WHLSL] Implement arrays and MakeArrayReference
2019-06-14[WHLSL] Implement out-of-bounds and nullptr behavior
2019-06-14[WHLSL] Remove unnecessary ASSERT()s and clean up visit...
2019-05-23[WHLSL] Implement property resolver
2019-05-22 sbarati@apple.comWHLSL: Add an AST dumper
2019-03-18[WHLSL] Hook up the compiler to our WebGPU implementation
2019-01-21[WHLSL] Implement Metal code generation