Remove WebCoreSystemInterface
[WebKit-https.git] / Source / WebCore / Configurations / WebCore.xcconfig
2017-10-05 achristensen@apple.comRemove WebCoreSystemInterface
2017-09-18[Mac] Upstream miscellaneous WebKitSystemInterface...
2017-09-13 rniwa@webkit.orgRefactor WebContentReader out of EditorMac and EditorIOS
2017-09-01[Mac] Upstream AppKit-related WebKitSystemInterface...
2017-07-10 dbates@webkit.orgREGRESSION (r218616): Cannot build WebCore for macOS...
2017-07-06[PAL] Move KillRing into PAL
2017-07-05 mmaxfield@apple.comRemove copy of ICU headers from WebKit
2017-07-05 jbedard@apple.comAdd WebKitPrivateFrameworkStubs for iOS 11
2017-07-03 jlewis3@apple.comUnreviewed, rolling out r219103.
2017-07-03 jbedard@apple.comRemove copy of ICU headers from WebKit
2017-06-30 commit-queue@webki... [PAL] Move Sound into PAL
2017-05-24 eric.carlson@apple.comCoreAudioCaptureSource is ducking system sound
2017-04-25 aakash_jain@apple.comWebCore.framework should restrict allowable_clients
2017-04-01[Xcode] In engineering builds, linker warns about libwe...
2017-03-07 dino@apple.comAdd GPUDevice implementation and WebGPULayer
2017-03-07 msaboff@apple.comTake advantage of fast permissions switching of JIT...
2017-03-01 commit-queue@webki... [WebRTC] Install libwebrtc.dylib inside of WebCore...
2017-02-23 achristensen@apple.comRe-soft-link CoreVideo after r212906
2017-02-23 achristensen@apple.comFix iOS WebRTC build after r212812
2017-02-22[WebRTC][Mac] Activate libwebrtc
2017-02-21 achristensen@apple.comUnreviewed, rolling out r212699.
2017-02-21[WebRTC][Mac] Activate libwebrtc
2017-02-10 achristensen@apple.comUnreviewed, rolling out r212040.
2017-02-10[WebRTC][Mac] Activate libwebrtc
2017-01-22 mmaxfield@apple.comIntroducing the Platform Abstraction Layer (PAL)
2017-01-13[iOS] Purge GraphicsServices font cache on memory warning.
2016-12-03[Cocoa] Adopt the PRODUCT_BUNDLE_IDENTIFIER build setting
2016-09-09 beidson@apple.comSoft-link GameController.framework.
2016-09-06[iOS] Remove soft linking of MobileCoreServices.framework
2016-09-02 beidson@apple.comWeak link the GameController.framework on macOS but...
2016-09-02 beidson@apple.comWeak link the GameController.framework on macOS.
2016-09-02 mitz@apple.comBuild fix.
2016-08-24 andersca@apple.comCreate a phony WebKitLegacy framework that the WebCoreT...
2016-08-23 andersca@apple.comAdd a workaround for iOS Frameworks that expect DOM...
2016-08-19 dbates@webkit.orgLd warns of non-existent PrivateFrameworks directory...
2016-08-16 andersca@apple.comFix build.
2016-08-15 dbates@webkit.orgCannot build WebKit for iOS device using Xcode 7.3...
2016-08-02 andersca@apple.comRemove more unused/uninstalled Objective-C DOM bindings
2016-05-06[iOS] WebCore does not need to link to CoreAudio, Graph...
2016-03-02 ap@apple.comUpdate Xcode project for InstallAPI
2016-01-22 enrica@apple.comRemove dependency from DataDetectorsCore on iOS.
2016-01-19 enrica@apple.comAdd support for DataDetectors in WK (iOS).
2016-01-19 commit-queue@webki... Unreviewed, rolling out r195300.
2016-01-19 enrica@apple.comAdd support for DataDetectors in WK (iOS).
2016-01-09[Cocoa] Allow overriding the frameworks directory indep...
2015-10-19 timothy_horton@app... Add magnify and rotate gesture event support for Mac
2015-10-10[iOS] Remove project support for iOS 8
2015-07-20 andersca@apple.comAdd PLATFORM #ifdefs for Mac SPI headers
2015-06-24 andersca@apple.comMove PluginMainThreadScheduler to WebKit/win
2015-05-24 mitz@apple.comRemove unused definitions of WEBKIT_VERSION_MIN_REQUIRED
2015-05-10[Cocoa] Don't soft link DataDetectorsCore
2015-05-07<rdar://problem/19317140> [Xcode] Remove usage of Aspen...
2015-04-22 bfulgham@apple.comSource/WebCore:
2015-02-18 achristensen@apple.comStreamline unexported function build fixes
2015-02-16 ddkilzer@apple.comREGRESSION (r180082): WebCore Debug builds fail on...
2015-02-13 achristensen@apple.comReally stop using export files.
2015-01-22 cdumez@apple.comDrop the legacy FeatureCounter class
2014-12-20 ddkilzer@apple.comSwitch from using PLATFORM_NAME to SDK selectors in...
2014-12-19 commit-queue@webki... Unreviewed, rolling out r177574.
2014-12-19 ddkilzer@apple.comSwitch from using PLATFORM_NAME to SDK selectors in...
2014-12-18<rdar://problem/19282508> WebKitLegacy is unusable...
2014-12-17[iOS] Make it possible to toggle FeatureCounter support...
2014-11-15 mmaxfield@apple.comGet rid of WebFontCache
2014-09-03[iOS] Support using Foundation networking code
2014-09-02[iOS] Exclude touch and gesture files when building...
2014-08-22[iOS] Disable ENABLE_IOS_{GESTURE, TOUCH}_EVENTS, and...
2014-07-18 ddkilzer@apple.comSECTORDER_FLAGS should be defined in target's xcconfig...
2014-05-28 simon.fraser@apple.comInstantiate a ScrollingTreeMac on Mac
2014-05-27 timothy_horton@app... Turn on the LayerPool for iOS
2014-05-19 simon.fraser@apple.comSplit scrolling tree ScrollingNodes into FrameScrolling...
2014-04-30 andersca@apple.comMove the legacy WebKit API into WebKitLegacy.framework...
2014-04-08 ap@apple.comSource/WebCore: Rename Clipboard to DataTransfer
2014-02-07 mitz@apple.comStop using PLATFORM(MAC) in WebCore/platform except...
2014-01-21[iOS] Allow all clients to link against WebCore
2014-01-19 aestes@apple.comFix the iOS Production build.
2014-01-16[iOS] Fix build issues with exported headers
2014-01-16 benjamin@webkit.orgMove user agent code to WebCore and unify some code...
2014-01-14 timothy_horton@app... iOS WebCore build fixes
2014-01-13[iOS] Build Fix: copy iOS-specific generated headers
2014-01-12 simon.fraser@apple.comDon't build JSTouch* and JSGesture* files on Mac.
2014-01-12[iOS] Don't link to Mac-only frameworks when building iOS
2014-01-12[iOS] Do not link to ApplicationServices.framework...
2014-01-11 simon.fraser@apple.comFix iOS build.
2014-01-11 ddkilzer@apple.comClean up architectures in xcconfig files
2014-01-11 simon.fraser@apple.comFix iOS build
2014-01-10 dbates@webkit.orgFix the Production Mac build following <trac.webkit...
2014-01-10[iOS] Upstream WebCore and Tools miscellaneous changes
2014-01-10 simon.fraser@apple.comEnable async scrolling for iOS
2014-01-10[iOS] Upstream WAK
2013-12-22[Mac] Soft-link WebContentAnalysis.framework
2013-12-20 aestes@apple.comRemove WebFilterEvaluator wrappers from WebKitSystemInt...
2013-12-14 mrowe@apple.comBuild fix after r160557.
2013-10-23[iOS] Upstream more ARMv7s bits
2013-10-22 commit-queue@webki... Unreviewed, rolling out r157819.
2013-10-22[iOS] Upstream more ARMv7s bits
2013-10-15 commit-queue@webki... Web Inspector: Remove old frontend localizedStrings.js
2013-09-30 mrowe@apple.comFix the build when building against an SDK.
2013-09-30 mrowe@apple.comFix the Lion build.
2013-09-28 mrowe@apple.comFix some failures with newer versions of clang.
2013-08-06 dfarler@apple.comProvide optional OTHER_CFLAGS, OTHER_CPPFLAGS, OTHER_LD...