Improve the performance of Font::canRenderCombiningCharacterSequence()
[WebKit-https.git] / Source / WTF /
2018-05-25 msaboff@apple.comJavaScriptCore: Disable 32-bit JIT on Windows
2018-05-25[GTK][WPE] Memory pressure monitor doesn't reliable...
2018-05-24 jiewen_tan@apple.comAdopt SecKeyProxy SPI in certificate based challenge...
2018-05-24 eric.carlson@apple.comAvoid loading AVFoundation to check supported MIME...
2018-05-23 fpizlo@apple.comSpeed up JetStream/base64
2018-05-23 msaboff@apple.comDate.parse() doesn't properly handle input outside...
2018-05-23 mcatanzaro@igalia.comProhibit shrinking the FastBitVector
2018-05-22 mark.lam@apple.comStringImpl utf8 conversion should not fail silently.
2018-05-22 cdumez@apple.comRegression(AsyncPolicyDelegates): login Window...
2018-05-22 fpizlo@apple.comGet rid of TLCs
2018-05-22 ryanhaddad@apple.comUnreviewed, rolling out r232052.
2018-05-22 utatane.tea@gmail.comUse more C++17
2018-05-19 fpizlo@apple.comDFG should inline InstanceOf ICs
2018-05-17 jiewen_tan@apple.comConvert CertificateInfo into Credential in UI Process...
2018-05-17 zalan@apple.comAdd ASSERT_NOT_IMPLEMENTED_YET() macro
2018-05-16 commit-queue@webki... Add support for Intl NumberFormat formatToParts
2018-05-16 utatane.tea@gmail.comUnreviewed, follow-up after r231762
2018-05-16[Win] Use C++17 in MSVC
2018-05-14[JSC] timeClip(-0) should produce +0
2018-05-14 ggaren@apple.comSimplified Mach exception handling
2018-05-14[GTK] REGRESSION(r231170) Build broken with Clang 5.0
2018-05-13 fpizlo@apple.comDisable pointer poisoning
2018-05-11 cdumez@apple.comREGRESSION (async policy delegate): Revoking an object...
2018-05-11 sbarati@apple.comDon't allocate value profiles when the JIT is disabled
2018-05-10 timothy_horton@app... Fix the build after r231393
2018-05-09[WPE] Build cleanly with GCC 8 and ICU 60
2018-05-09[ARMv7] Drop ARMv7 disassembler in favor of capstone
2018-05-09[JSC][GTK][JSCONLY] Use capstone disassembler
2018-05-09 antti@apple.comAdd OptionSet::operator& and operator bool
2018-05-08 fpizlo@apple.comInPlaceAbstractState::beginBasicBlock shouldn't have...
2018-05-08 dino@apple.comUse thumbnails in System Previews
2018-05-08 ryanhaddad@apple.comUnreviewed, rolling out r231468.
2018-05-08[JSCONLY] Enable ARMv7 DFG
2018-05-08 fpizlo@apple.comInPlaceAbstractState::beginBasicBlock shouldn't have...
2018-05-07[WTF] Embed default atomic string table in Thread
2018-05-07[WTF] Use static initializers for WTF::Mutex and WTF...
2018-05-05 timothy_horton@app... Shift to a lower-level framework for simplifying URLs
2018-05-04 eric.carlson@apple.comLog media time range as JSON
2018-05-04 antti@apple.comOptionsSet initializer list constructor should be constexpr
2018-05-04 utatane.tea@gmail.comUse default std::optional if it is provided
2018-05-04 fpizlo@apple.comStrings should not be allocated in a gigacage
2018-05-03 wenson_hsieh@apple.comAds in NYTimes app are shifted downwards by the scroll...
2018-05-03 ryanhaddad@apple.comUnreviewed, rolling out r231197.
2018-05-03 commit-queue@webki... Unreviewed, rolling out r231223 and r231288.
2018-05-03 commit-queue@webki... Unreviewed, rolling out r231251.
2018-05-02 jbedard@apple.comFollow-up build fix for r231223
2018-05-02 jer.noble@apple.comEnable HAVE_AVKIT for the MINIMAL_SIMULATOR
2018-05-02 utatane.tea@gmail.comUse default std::optional if it is provided
2018-05-01 rmorisset@apple.comCorrectly detect string overflow when using the 'Functi...
2018-04-30 mark.lam@apple.comApply PtrTags to the MetaAllocator and friends.
2018-04-30 jfbastien@apple.comUse some C++17 features
2018-04-30 utatane.tea@gmail.comUse WordLock instead of std::mutex for Threading
2018-04-29[CMake] Require GCC 6
2018-04-29 ggaren@apple.comWordLock doesn't need per-thread data
2018-04-29 ggaren@apple.comFixed a very unlikely race condition in WTF::WordLock
2018-04-28 ddkilzer@apple.comAdd logging when SpringBoard enables WebThread
2018-04-26 mark.lam@apple.comGardening: Speculative build fix for Windows.
2018-04-26 commit-queue@webki... [INTL] Implement Intl.PluralRules
2018-04-26 mark.lam@apple.comGardening: Speculative build fix for Windows 32-bit...
2018-04-25 mark.lam@apple.comPush the definition of PtrTag down to the WTF layer.
2018-04-25 dino@apple.comMake a better flag for system preview, and disable...
2018-04-24 commit-queue@webki... Unreviewed, rolling out r230971.
2018-04-24 n_wang@apple.comAX: soft link libAccessibility.dylb
2018-04-23[LayoutFormattingContext] Initial commit.
2018-04-23 pvollan@apple.comDeactivate the WindowServer connection for the WebConte...
2018-04-20 jfbastien@apple.comHandle more JSON stringify OOM
2018-04-20 jer.noble@apple.comDon't put build products into WK_ALTERNATE_WEBKIT_SDK_P...
2018-04-20 dbates@webkit.orgRemove code for compilers that did not support NSDMI...
2018-04-19 ddkilzer@apple.comEnable Objective-C weak references
2018-04-19 beidson@apple.comAdd globally-unique HistoryItem identifiers (and have...
2018-04-19 pvollan@apple.comUnreviewed, rolling out r230677.
2018-04-19 n_wang@apple.comAX: AOM: respect the accessibility setting for dispatch...
2018-04-18[Win] Layout Test js/date-constructor.html is failing
2018-04-17 sbarati@apple.comAdd system trace points for process launch and for...
2018-04-17[iOS] Enable WKPDFView by default
2018-04-16 pvollan@apple.comDeactivate the WindowServer connection for the WebConte...
2018-04-15 commit-queue@webki... Unreviewed, rolling out r230659.
2018-04-14 pvollan@apple.comDeactivate the WindowServer connection for the WebConte...
2018-04-13 cdumez@apple.comSplit WindowProxy handling out of ScriptController...
2018-04-13 beidson@apple.comIntroduce SuspendedPageProxy to keep old web processes...
2018-04-12 mcatanzaro@igalia.comRemove unused crash hook functionality
2018-04-12 said@apple.comUnreviewed, rolling out r230523.
2018-04-11 pvollan@apple.comDeactivate the WindowServer connection for the WebConte...
2018-04-10[iOS] Use PDFKit to render PDFs in WKWebView
2018-04-09 mark.lam@apple.comDecorate method table entries to support pointer profiling.
2018-04-08 utatane.tea@gmail.comUnreviewed, use alignas(void*)
2018-04-08 utatane.tea@gmail.comUse alignas instead of compiler-specific attributes
2018-04-07 sbarati@apple.comSource/bmalloc:
2018-04-05[WTF] Remove StaticLock
2018-04-04 bfulgham@apple.comFailures from mach port reference handling should be...
2018-04-04 youenn@apple.comIntroduce a ThreadSafeRefCounted parameter to ensure...
2018-04-04[WTF] Remove Atomics.cpp
2018-04-03 tpopela@redhat.comUnreviewed, mute the unused parameter compilation warning
2018-04-03 tpopela@redhat.comUnreviewed, fix the unused variable compilation warning
2018-04-02 sbarati@apple.combmalloc should compute its own estimate of its footprint
2018-03-31 fpizlo@apple.comStrings and Vectors shouldn't do index masking
2018-03-31 mark.lam@apple.comAdd pointer profiling support in baseline JIT and suppo...
2018-03-30 jfbastien@apple.comWorkQueueWin: don't move rvalues
2018-03-30 jfbastien@apple.comRemove CXX_REFERENCE_QUALIFIED_FUNCTIONS and optional...
2018-03-30 jfbastien@apple.comIntroduce WTF_LAZY_INSTANTIATE