Generate header detection headers for CMake on Windows.
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2014-08-12 achristensen@apple.comGenerate header detection headers for CMake on Windows.
2014-08-12[iOS] Get rid of iOS.xcconfig
2014-08-12 zandobersek@gmail.comClean up GMutexLocker
2014-08-12 zandobersek@gmail.comMake GRefPtr move-able
2014-08-10 benjamin@webkit.orgUpdate HashTable's operator= after r172167 per review...
2014-08-08 bfulgham@apple.comGet rid of SCRIPTED_SPEECH
2014-08-07 benjamin@webkit.orgGet rid of INPUT_SPEECH
2014-08-07 dino@apple.comENABLE_CSS_TRANSFORMS_ANIMATIONS_UNPREFIXED is not...
2014-08-06 benjamin@webkit.orgHashTable based classes leak a lot
2014-08-06 dbatyai.u-szeged... [JSC] Build fix for FTL on EFL after ftlopt merge
2014-08-05 achristensen@apple.comProgress towards CMake on Mac.
2014-08-01 achristensen@apple.comProgress towards cmake on Windows.
2014-07-31 akling@apple.comPropertyName's internal string is always atomic.
2014-07-31 aestes@apple.comUSE(CONTENT_FILTERING) should be ENABLE(CONTENT_FILTERING)
2014-07-30[Win] Modify version numbering scheme to support 5...
2014-07-29 dbates@webkit.orgUse WTF::move() instead of std::move() to help ensure...
2014-07-28 burg@cs.washington.eduShould not export symbols for base64Encode inline adapt...
2014-07-27 fpizlo@apple.comMerge r170090, r170092, r170129, r170141, r170161,...
2014-07-26 fpizlo@apple.comUnreviewed, roll out r171641-r171644. It broke some...
2014-07-26 fpizlo@apple.comAttempt to fix Windows.
2014-07-25 barraclough@apple.comYosemite version number is 101000
2014-07-23 [Win] Use NO_RETURN_DUE_TO_CRASH...
2014-07-23 fpizlo@apple.comMerge r169148, r169185, r169188, r169578, r169582,...
2014-07-22 fpizlo@apple.comMerge r168635, r168780, r169005, r169014, and r169143...
2014-07-19[WTF] Add the move constructor, move assignment operato...
2014-07-16 commit-queue@webki... Unreviewed, rolling out r171107.
2014-07-15 akling@apple.comRevert: Run the FastMalloc scavenger thread on iOS...
2014-07-13 fpizlo@apple.comHashMap should have removeIf()
2014-07-11 commit-queue@webki... [Win] Enable DFG JIT.
2014-07-11 commit-queue@webki... Unreviewed, rolling out r170995.
2014-07-11[WTF] Add the move constructor, move assignment operato...
2014-07-10 commit-queue@webki... Enable same features on all Windows ports.
2014-07-10[Win] Unreviewed build fix after r170930.
2014-07-09[Win] Remove uses of 'bash' in build system
2014-07-09[Win] Remove use of 'grep' in build steps
2014-07-07 zandobersek@gmail.comEnable ARMv7 disassembler for the GTK port
2014-07-07 yoav@yoav.wsTurn on img@sizes compile flag
2014-07-03 Unreivewed, fix build break on EFL and GTK since r170767.
2014-07-03 dbates@webkit.orgAdd WTF::move()
2014-07-03 andersca@apple.comGet rid of Encoder.h and Decoder.h from WTF
2014-07-03 ryuan.choi@samsung.comBroken build with build-webkit --no-video
2014-07-02 enrica@apple.comiOS build fix after
2014-07-02 mitz@apple.comRemove some code only needed for versions of Safari...
2014-07-02 achristensen@apple.comReduce dynamic memory allocation in css jit.
2014-07-01 commit-queue@webki... Unreviewed, rolling out r170605.
2014-07-01 dbates@webkit.orgMake TransformIterator::TransformIterator() take rvalue...
2014-06-30 achristensen@apple.comReduce dynamic memory allocation in css jit.
2014-06-30 andersca@apple.comAdd code for encoding legacy session history entries
2014-06-27[ARMv7] Skip one particularly expensive fastFree()...
2014-06-26 akling@apple.comBump FastMalloc thread cache max size to 1MB on iOS.
2014-06-26 l.gombos@samsung.comDefine TARGET_OS_IPHONE to 0 for non-darwin ports
2014-06-26 cfleizach@apple.comAdd an undo group for each dictated utterance in WebKit
2014-06-25 ggaren@apple.comUnreviewed, rolling out r166876.
2014-06-25 commit-queue@webki... [Win64] ASM LLINT is not enabled.
2014-06-25 l.gombos@samsung.comRemove build guard for progress element
2014-06-25 akling@apple.comRun the FastMalloc scavenger thread on iOS as well.
2014-06-24 andersca@apple.comAdd PageState to HistoryItem conversion code
2014-06-24 llango.u-szeged... [JavaScriptCore] Enable concurrent JIT on EFL.
2014-06-24[EFL] Replace RefPtr<Evas_Object> with UniquePtrEfl
2014-06-21 beidson@apple.comGamepad API - Deprecate the existing implementation
2014-06-21 commit-queue@webki... Unreviewed, rolling out r170244.
2014-06-21 beidson@apple.comGamepad API - Deprecate the existing implementation
2014-06-21 ossy@webkit.orgRemoving PAGE_VISIBILITY_API compile guard.
2014-06-20 andersca@apple.comAdd encoding and decoding support for WTF::Optional
2014-06-20 andersca@apple.comAdd copy/move constructors and assignment operators...
2014-06-20 andersca@apple.comAdd WTF::Optional class
2014-06-19 dbatyai.u-szeged... Remove ENABLE(LLINT) and ENABLE(LLINT_C_LOOP) guards
2014-06-18 andersca@apple.comAdd CF type cast function templates and use them in...
2014-06-17 tgergely.u-szeged... Misused PLATFORM(MIDDLE_ENDIAN) and PLATFORM(BIG_ENDIAN).
2014-06-17 akling@apple.comWeb process main thread priority is lower than some...
2014-06-17 achristensen@apple.comEnable css jit for armv7 on iOS.
2014-06-17 mitz@apple.comString::isolatedCopy doesn’t return an isolated copy...
2014-06-16 mitz@apple.comiOS build fix after r169995.
2014-06-15 andersca@apple.comAdd an autorelease() member function to RetainPtr
2014-06-14 achristensen@apple.comUnreviewed disabling css jit on armv7. It's not quite...
2014-06-14 achristensen@apple.comEnable css jit for armv7 on iOS.
2014-06-13 mhahnenberg@apple.comOSR exit should barrier the Executables for all InlineC...
2014-06-13 barraclough@apple.comAdd support for thread/WorkQueue QoS
2014-06-12 ap@apple.comFix Mac after r169880.
2014-06-12[EFL][GTK] Ultimate fix not to have build failures
2014-06-11 rniwa@webkit.orgTurning on DUMP_PROPERTYMAP_STATS causes a build failure
2014-06-10 benjamin@webkit.orgImprove CSSPrimitiveValue::customCSSText for ARMv7
2014-06-06 yoav@yoav.wsAlign srcset parser with recent spec changes
2014-06-04 achristensen@apple.comEnable WebGL on Windows.
2014-06-02[MSE] Appends of overlapping sample data do not clear...
2014-06-01 andersca@apple.comAdd a LazyNeverDestroyed class template and use it
2014-05-30 achristensen@apple.comEnable css jit by default on arm64.
2014-05-29 fpizlo@apple.comDFG::DCEPhase inserts into an insertion set in reverse...
2014-05-27 jonlee@apple.comUpdate ENABLE(MEDIA_SOURCE) on Mac
2014-05-27 commit-queue@webki... Remove BLOB guards
2014-05-27 commit-queue@webki... [GLIB] RunLoop::dispatch always executes the function...
2014-05-26 darin@apple.comClass name matching should use ASCII case-insensitive...
2014-05-23 zandobersek@gmail.comAdd the partial specialization for VectorTraits<std...
2014-05-21 ggaren@apple.comRolled out <>
2014-05-20[Mac] AVAssets are never destroyed; lack of an autorele...
2014-05-18 cabanier@adobe.comsupport for navigator.hardwareConcurrency
2014-05-14 commit-queue@webki... Remove CSS_STICKY_POSITION guards
2014-05-13[iOS WK2] background-attachment:fixed behaves very...
2014-05-09 ap@apple.comAutomatically zip document bundles used via File API
2014-05-08 fpizlo@apple.comSource/JavaScriptCore: Make Executable::clearCode(...