We should support CreateThis in the FTL
[WebKit-https.git] / Source / JavaScriptCore / runtime / ErrorConstructor.h
2018-04-19 fpizlo@apple.comThe InternalFunction hierarchy should be in IsoSubspaces
2018-03-08 utatane.tea@gmail.com[JSC] Optimize inherits<T> if T is final type
2017-11-06 utatane.tea@gmail.comJIT call inline caches should cache calls to objects...
2017-06-25 annulen@yandex.ruRemove excessive headers from JavaScriptCore
2017-03-23 mark.lam@apple.comAdd support for Error.stackTraceLimit.
2016-09-28 ryanhaddad@apple.comUnreviewed, rolling out r206522.
2016-09-28 commit-queue@webki... Unreviewed, rolling out r206506.
2016-09-28 commit-queue@webki... Adopt #pragma once in JavaScriptCore
2016-01-22 keith_miller@apple.com[ES6] Add Symbol.species properties to the relevant...
2014-09-04 mark.lam@apple.comFixed indentations and some style warnings in JavaScrip...
2013-09-30 akling@apple.comPass VM instead of JSGlobalObject to function constructors.
2013-09-26 akling@apple.comPass VM instead of ExecState to many finishCreation...
2013-08-14 fpizlo@apple.comFoo::s_info should be Foo::info(), so that you can...
2013-04-18 ggaren@apple.comRenamed JSGlobalData to VM
2011-12-19 ggaren@apple.comPlacement new does an unnecessary NULL check
2011-10-23 mhahnenberg@apple.comRemove getConstructDataVirtual
2011-10-14 mhahnenberg@apple.comRename virtual getConstructData to getConstructDataVirtual
2011-10-10 mhahnenberg@apple.comRemove getCallDataVirtual methods
2011-10-08 mhahnenberg@apple.comAdd static version of JSCell::getConstructData
2011-10-08 commit-queue@webki... Unreviewed, rolling out r96996.
2011-10-08 mhahnenberg@apple.comRemove getCallDataVirtual methods
2011-10-05 mhahnenberg@apple.comAdd static ClassInfo structs to classes that override...
2011-10-04 commit-queue@webki... Unreviewed, rolling out r96630.
2011-10-04 mhahnenberg@apple.comAdd static ClassInfo structs to classes that override...
2011-09-27 mhahnenberg@apple.comSource/JavaScriptCore: Add static version of JSCell...
2011-09-14 mhahnenberg@apple.comUnzip initialization lists and constructors in JSCell...
2011-09-09 mhahnenberg@apple.comUnzip initialization lists and constructors in JSCell...
2011-09-07 ossy@webkit.orgUnreviewed, rolling out r94627 and r94632.
2011-09-07 commit-queue@webki... Unzip initialization lists and constructors in JSCell...
2011-08-09 commit-queue@webki... Add ParentClass typedef in all JSC classes
2011-07-18 oliver@apple.com2011-07-18 Mark Hahnenberg <mhahnenberg@apple.com>
2011-04-15 oliver@apple.com2011-04-15 Oliver Hunt <oliver@apple.com>
2011-04-15 philn@webkit.org2011-04-15 Philippe Normand <pnormand@igalia.com>
2011-04-14 oliver@apple.com2011-04-13 Oliver Hunt <oliver@apple.com>
2011-01-02 abarth@webkit.orgMove JavaScriptCore to Source