[JSC] Int52Rep(DoubleRepAnyIntUse) should not call operation function
[WebKit-https.git] / Source / JavaScriptCore / ftl / FTLOutput.h
2019-09-22 ysuzuki@apple.com[JSC] Int52Rep(DoubleRepAnyIntUse) should not call...
2019-09-05 ysuzuki@apple.comUnreviewed, follow-up after r249530 and r249509
2019-04-15 rmorisset@apple.comB3::Value should have different kinds of adjacency...
2019-02-27 mark.lam@apple.comRemove poisons in JSCPoison and uses of them.
2018-09-12 guijemont@igalia.comAdd IGNORE_WARNING_.* macros
2018-07-24 mark.lam@apple.comRefactoring: make DFG::Plan a class.
2018-04-28 jfbastien@apple.comMake the first 64 bits of JSString look like a double...
2018-04-09 mark.lam@apple.comAdd pointer profiling to the FTL and supporting code.
2018-02-13 fpizlo@apple.comLock down JSFunction
2017-12-14 keith_miller@apple.comJSObjects should have a mask for loading indexed properties
2017-09-05 sbarati@apple.comSupport compiling catch in the FTL
2017-08-12 fpizlo@apple.comCaging shouldn't have to use a patchpoint for adding
2017-05-04 utatane.tea@gmail.com[JSC] Math unary functions should be handled by DFG
2017-04-20 fpizlo@apple.comOptimize SharedArrayBuffer in the DFG+FTL
2017-02-04 utatane.tea@gmail.com[JSC] Add operationToInt32SensibleSlow to optimize...
2017-01-26 sbarati@apple.comHarden how the compiler references GC objects
2016-12-13 commit-queue@webki... Unreviewed, rolling out r209725.
2016-12-12 msaboff@apple.comREGRESSION(r209653): speedometer crashes making virtual...
2016-12-11 commit-queue@webki... Unreviewed, rolling out r209653, r209654, r209663, and
2016-12-10 msaboff@apple.comJSVALUE64: Pass arguments in platform argument register...
2016-11-15 fpizlo@apple.comThe GC should be optionally concurrent and disabled...
2016-09-28 fpizlo@apple.comThe write barrier should be down with TSO
2016-09-28 ryanhaddad@apple.comUnreviewed, rolling out r206522.
2016-09-28 commit-queue@webki... Unreviewed, rolling out r206506.
2016-09-28 commit-queue@webki... Adopt #pragma once in JavaScriptCore
2016-09-12 utatane.tea@gmail.com[DFG][FTL] Add ArithTan
2016-09-06 fpizlo@apple.comButterflies should be allocated in Auxiliary MarkedSpac...
2016-08-24 fpizlo@apple.comUnreviewed, roll out r204901, r204897, r204866, r204856...
2016-08-23 fpizlo@apple.comButterflies should be allocated in Auxiliary MarkedSpac...
2016-07-19 fpizlo@apple.comImplement table-based switches in B3/Air
2016-06-13 fpizlo@apple.comFTL::Output methods should be out-of-line whenever...
2016-04-22 commit-queue@webki... [JSC] Add primitive String support to compare operators
2016-04-03 utatane.tea@gmail.com[JSC] Add truncate operation (rounding to zero)
2016-03-18 fpizlo@apple.comReplace all of the various non-working and non-compilin...
2016-03-07 fpizlo@apple.comDFG should know how to speculate StringOrOther
2016-03-01 utatane.tea@gmail.com[DFG][FTL][B3] Support floor and ceil
2016-02-28 fpizlo@apple.comFTL should lower its abstract heaps to B3 heap ranges
2016-02-18 fpizlo@apple.comRename FTLB3Blah to FTLBlah
2016-02-18 fpizlo@apple.comRemove LLVM dependencies from WebKit
2015-12-22 fpizlo@apple.comFTL B3 does not logicalNot correctly
2015-12-21 fpizlo@apple.comFTL B3 should do doubleToInt32
2015-12-19 commit-queue@webki... [JSC] Add EqualOrUnordered to B3
2015-12-15 benjamin@webkit.orgRename FTL::Output's ceil64() to doubleCeil()
2015-12-14 commit-queue@webki... [JSC] Remove FTL::Output's doubleEqualOrUnordered()
2015-12-11 benjamin@webkit.org[JSC] Little cleanup of FTLOutput type casts and conver...
2015-12-11 fpizlo@apple.comFTL B3 should be able to run quicksort asm.js test
2015-12-11 commit-queue@webki... [JSC] Add a Modulo operator to B3, and a chill variant
2015-12-08 fpizlo@apple.comFTL lowering should tell B3 the right block frequencies
2015-12-06 commit-queue@webki... [JSC] Remove FTLOutput's fence support
2015-12-04 commit-queue@webki... [JSC] Use Div and ChillDiv in FTL(B3)Output
2015-12-04 commit-queue@webki... [JSC] Add signExt() to FTLB3Output
2015-12-03 commit-queue@webki... [JSC] Add CLZ support to B3
2015-11-19 benjamin@webkit.orgFTL should be able to compile a small function with B3
2015-11-18 benjamin@webkit.org[JSC] Make LBasicBlock into an alias for B3::BasicBlock...
2015-11-17 benjamin@webkit.org[JSC] Add an empty FTLOutput for B3 that crashes on...
2015-11-17 commit-queue@webki... [JSC] Remove FTLOutput operations that act directly...
2015-11-17 benjamin@webkit.org[JSC] Make FTLOutput's load8() and load16() compatible...
2015-10-12 fpizlo@apple.comGC should have a Baker barrier for concurrent copying
2015-05-08 benjamin@webkit.org[JSC] Add basic DFG/FTL support for Math.round
2015-04-29 fpizlo@apple.comFTL should fully support Switch (it currently lacks...
2015-04-26 benjamin@webkit.org[JSC] Implement Math.clz32(), remove Number.clz()
2015-03-26 fpizlo@apple.comHeap variables shouldn't end up in the stack frame
2015-03-04 benjamin@webkit.org[JSC] Add a node for Math.log()
2015-02-18 fpizlo@apple.comDFG should really support varargs
2015-02-14 benjamin@webkit.orgAdd a DFG node for the Pow Intrinsics
2014-07-23 fpizlo@apple.comMerge r169148, r169185, r169188, r169578, r169582,...
2014-04-16 fpizlo@apple.comEnable system library calls in FTL for ARM64
2014-03-16 fpizlo@apple.comFTL should support CheckHasInstance/InstanceOf
2014-03-07 commit-queue@webki... Correct a comment typo from:
2014-03-07 commit-queue@webki... FLT should call fmod directly on platforms where LLVM...
2014-03-05 fpizlo@apple.comMore FTL ARM fixes
2014-03-05 fpizlo@apple.comFTL loadStructure always generates invalid IR
2014-02-28 fpizlo@apple.comFTL should be able to call sin/cos directly on platform...
2014-02-27 mhahnenberg@apple.comMake JSCells have 32-bit Structure pointers
2014-02-20 ossy@webkit.orgGet rid of redundant Platform.h includes
2014-02-19 fpizlo@apple.comFTL should be able to convey branch weights to LLVM
2014-01-29 msaboff@apple.comMerge the jsCStack branch
2013-12-09 fpizlo@apple.comFTL should support UntypedUse versions of Compare nodes
2013-12-06 fpizlo@apple.comFTL should use cvttsd2si directly for double-to-int32...
2013-11-20 fpizlo@apple.comInfer constant global variables
2013-11-18 fpizlo@apple.comFTL should have an explicit notion of bytecode liveness
2013-11-09 fpizlo@apple.comGet rid of the FTL tail call APIs since they are unused
2013-11-08 fpizlo@apple.comFTL should support NewArray
2013-11-05 fpizlo@apple.comFTL should support PutById
2013-10-23 fpizlo@apple.comFTL should be able to do some simple inline caches...
2013-10-10 fpizlo@apple.comFTL: Soft-link LLVM as a workaround for LLVM's static...
2013-09-18 fpizlo@apple.comDFG should support Int52 for local variables
2013-09-18 commit-queue@webki... Unreviewed, rolling out r156019 and r156020.
2013-09-18 fpizlo@apple.comDFG should support Int52 for local variables
2013-09-08 fpizlo@apple.comFTL should support typed array PutByVal
2013-09-07 fpizlo@apple.comFTL should support typed array GetByVal and related ops
2013-09-04 fpizlo@apple.comThe DFG should be able to tier-up and OSR enter into...
2013-07-25 oliver@apple.comfourthTier: FTL should better report its compile-times...
2013-07-25 oliver@apple.comfourthTier: FTL should support hole/OOB PutByVal's
2013-07-25 oliver@apple.comfourthTier: FTL should support SwitchChar
2013-07-25 oliver@apple.comfourthTier: FTL should support Switch
2013-07-25 oliver@apple.comfourthTier: FTL should support ArithAbs
2013-07-25 oliver@apple.comfourthTier: FTL should support ArithMod
2013-07-25 oliver@apple.comfourthTier: FTL should support ArithDiv
2013-07-25 oliver@apple.comfourthTier: FTL should support LogicalNot and Branch...