Templatize CodePtr/Refs/FunctionPtrs with PtrTags.
[WebKit-https.git] / Source / JavaScriptCore / ftl / FTLLazySlowPath.cpp
2018-04-18 mark.lam@apple.comTemplatize CodePtr/Refs/FunctionPtrs with PtrTags.
2018-04-12 mark.lam@apple.comConsolidate some PtrTags.
2018-04-09 mark.lam@apple.comAdd pointer profiling to the FTL and supporting code.
2018-03-14 mark.lam@apple.comEnhance the MacroAssembler and LinkBuffer to support...
2018-02-27 mark.lam@apple.comModernize FINALIZE_CODE and peer macros to use __VA_ARG...
2017-03-29 sbarati@apple.comLinkBuffer and ExecutableAllocator shouldn't have anyth...
2017-03-29 sbarati@apple.comAssemblyHelpers should not have a VM field
2016-02-18 fpizlo@apple.comRemove LLVM dependencies from WebKit
2015-12-16 mark.lam@apple.comIntroducing ScratchRegisterAllocator::PreservedState.
2015-12-01 fpizlo@apple.comFTL lazy slow paths should work with B3
2015-11-17 sbarati@apple.comFTLLazySlowPaths should be able to handle being passed...
2015-10-12 fpizlo@apple.comUnreviewed, fix no-FTL build.
2015-10-12 fpizlo@apple.comFTL should generate code to call slow paths lazily