Add support for private names
[WebKit-https.git] / Source / JavaScriptCore / CMakeLists.txt
2012-05-22 barraclough@apple.comAdd support for private names
2012-05-18 fpizlo@apple.comDFG should have control flow graph simplification
2012-05-18 fpizlo@apple.comDFG should have constant propagation
2012-04-29 ggaren@apple.comFactored threaded block allocation into a separate...
2012-04-25 kbr@google.comDelete CanvasPixelArray, ByteArray, JSByteArray and...
2012-04-10[CMake] Enable USE_FOLDERS property
2012-04-06 ggaren@apple.comRenamed
2012-04-05 benjamin@webkit.orgMake something faster than JSStringBuilder for joining...
2012-04-04 ggaren@apple.comFirst step toward incremental Weak<T> finalization
2012-03-26 barraclough@apple.comGreek sigma is handled wrong in case independent regexp.
2012-03-24 fpizlo@apple.comDFG Fixup should be able to short-circuit trivial Value...
2012-03-23 barraclough@apple.comRexExp constructor last match properties should not...
2012-03-23[CMake] Unreviewed build fix after r111778.
2012-03-21 eric@webkit.orgMove wtf/Platform.h from JavaScriptCore to Source/WTF/wtf
2012-03-13 fpizlo@apple.comArithmetic use inference should be procedure-global...
2012-03-12 fpizlo@apple.comNode::op and Node::flags should be private
2012-03-12 fpizlo@apple.comAll DFG nodes should have a mutable set of flags
2012-03-08 yuqiang.xian@intel.comEliminate redundant Phis in DFG
2012-03-07[CMake] Make the removal of transitive library dependen...
2012-03-05 fpizlo@apple.comJIT heuristics should be hyperbolic
2012-03-05[CMake] Libraries are installed to /usr/lib and not...
2012-02-23 fpizlo@apple.comDFG OSR exit value profiling should have graceful handl...
2012-02-22 fpizlo@apple.comJSC should be a triple-tier VM
2012-02-21 aroben@apple.comRoll out r108309, r108323, and r108326
2012-02-21 fpizlo@apple.comJSC should be a triple-tier VM
2012-02-18 fpizlo@apple.comDFGPropagator.cpp has too many things
2012-02-17 mhahnenberg@apple.comRename Bump* to Copy*
2012-02-12[CMake] Remove unused or empty variable definitions.
2012-02-11 fpizlo@apple.comDFG should have polymorphic put_by_id caching
2012-02-03 mhahnenberg@apple.comRefactor MarkedBlock::SizeClass into a separate class
2012-01-29 barraclough@apple.comImplement a JIT-code aware sampling profiler for JSC
2012-01-27 mhahnenberg@apple.comMerge AllocationSpace into MarkedSpace
2012-01-27 fpizlo@apple.comAll DFG helpers that may call out to arbitrary JS code...
2012-01-22 fpizlo@apple.comDFG should not have code that directly decodes the...
2012-01-19 mhahnenberg@apple.comImplement a new allocator for backing stores
2012-01-11 fpizlo@apple.comCodeBlock.h declares too many things
2012-01-08 fpizlo@apple.comThe JIT's protocol for exception handling should be...
2011-12-15 commit-queue@webki... Rename JSC::Heuristics to JSC::Options
2011-12-13 fpizlo@apple.comDFG should know exactly why recompilation was triggered
2011-11-23[CMake] Move the top-level logic to the top-level direc...
2011-11-17 fpizlo@apple.comCode block jettisoning should be part of the GC's trans...
2011-11-15 fpizlo@apple.comDFG::SpeculativeJIT and DFG::JITCodeGenerator should...
2011-11-15 abarth@webkit.orgDateMath.cpp should not depend on JavaScriptCore
2011-11-12[CMake] Move list of DFG source files into correct...
2011-11-10[CMAKE] Refactoring CMakeLists${PORT}.txt to Platform...
2011-10-31 weinig@apple.comRemove need for virtual JSObject::unwrappedObject
2011-10-31 msaboff@apple.comTowards 8-bit Strings: Move Lexer and Parser Objects...
2011-10-19 ggaren@apple.comSome rope cleanup following r97827
2011-10-01 fpizlo@apple.comAll of JSC's heuristics should be in one place for...
2011-09-22 barraclough@apple.comImplement Function.prototype.bind
2011-09-21 fpizlo@apple.comDFG should support continuous optimization
2011-09-20 oliver@apple.comRefactor Heap allocation logic into separate Allocation...
2011-09-20 commit-queue@webki... Unreviewed, rolling out r95493 and r95496.
2011-09-19 oliver@apple.comRefactor Heap allocation logic into separate Allocation...
2011-09-19 oliver@apple.comRename NewSpace.{h,cpp} to MarkedSpace.{h,cpp}
2011-09-14 fpizlo@apple.comTiered compilation heuristics do not account for value...
2011-09-07 oliver@apple.comRemove JSObjectWithGlobalObject
2011-09-06 fpizlo@apple.comJavaScriptCore does not have tiered compilation
2011-09-02 oliver@apple.comRemove OldSpace classes
2011-07-30 fpizlo@apple.comJSC GC zombie support no longer works, and is likely...
2011-06-16 ggaren@apple.comBuild fix: Removed an accidental commit from the future.
2011-06-16 ggaren@apple.com2011-06-16 Geoffrey Garen <>
2011-06-10 ggaren@apple.com2011-06-09 Geoffrey Garen <>
2011-06-08 ggaren@apple.com2011-06-08 Geoffrey Garen <>
2011-06-03 oliver@apple.com2011-06-03 Oliver Hunt <>
2011-05-23 commit-queue@webki... 2011-05-23 Ryuan Choi <>
2011-05-18 ggaren@apple.comSource/JavaScriptCore: Rolling back in r86653 with...
2011-04-14 commit-queue@webki... 2011-04-13 Ryuan Choi <>
2011-04-11 ggaren@apple.com2011-04-11 Geoffrey Garen <>
2011-04-11 ggaren@apple.com2011-04-11 Geoffrey Garen <>
2011-04-11 barraclough@apple.comBug 58198 - Clean up JSValue implementation for JSVALUE64
2011-04-11 ggaren@apple.comMoved Heap.h and Heap.cpp to the heap folder, because...
2011-04-10 ggaren@apple.com2011-04-08 Geoffrey Garen <>
2011-04-06 demarchi@webkit.org2011-04-06 Lucas De Marchi <lucas.demarchi@profusion...
2011-03-15 oliver@apple.com2011-03-15 Oliver Hunt <>
2011-03-05 barraclough@apple.comcmake build fix.
2011-02-21 barraclough@apple.com
2011-02-16 oliver@apple.com2011-02-15 Oliver Hunt <>
2011-02-15 oliver@apple.com2011-02-14 Oliver Hunt <>
2011-02-10 pvarga@webkit.org2011-02-10 Peter Varga <>
2011-02-02 ggaren@apple.com2011-02-01 Geoffrey Garen <>
2011-01-25 antti@apple.comREGRESSION: Leak in JSParser::Scope::copyCapturedVariab...
2011-01-22 ggaren@apple.com2011-01-22 Geoffrey Garen <>
2011-01-20 darin@apple.com2011-01-18 Darin Adler <>
2011-01-15 ggaren@apple.com2011-01-13 Geoffrey Garen <>
2011-01-10 ggaren@apple.comMoved Collector.* => Heap.*, since the file contains...
2011-01-10 barraclough@apple.comRename the existing YARR files and classes
2011-01-10 barraclough@apple.comBug 52079 - Syntax errors should be early errors.
2011-01-09 ggaren@apple.com2011-01-07 Geoffrey Garen <>
2011-01-05 paroga@webkit.org2011-01-05 Patrick Gansterer <>
2011-01-02 abarth@webkit.orgMove JavaScriptCore to Source