Add a second font-fallback performance test
[WebKit-https.git] / PerformanceTests / Layout / resources /
2015-08-05 mmaxfield@apple.comAdd a second font-fallback performance test
2014-12-10 mmaxfield@apple.comAdd performance test related to font fallback
2014-03-20 lvidacs.u-szeged... Optimize RenderTable::colToEffCol() for tables without...
2014-01-17[CSS Regions] Minor fixes in regions performance tests
2014-01-15[CSS Regions] Add performance tests for selection with...
2013-12-03[CSS Regions] Fix Layout/RegionsSelection.html in Mac...
2013-11-19[CSS Regions] Add performance test for selection
2013-06-10 commit-queue@webki... [CSS Regions] Rename region-overflow to region-fragment
2013-03-29[CSS Regions] Add performance tests
2012-03-15 achicu@adobe.comLayout/floats.html should be runnable by run-perf-tests