Unreviewed build fix; remove unintentional semicolon.
[WebKit-https.git] / ManualTests / forms / calendar-picker.html
2013-03-08 keishi@webkit.orgUpdate calendar picker UI
2013-02-15 keishi@webkit.orgAdd setValue and closePopup methods to PagePopupController
2013-01-25 keishi@webkit.orgAdjust design of the Calendar Picker
2012-11-15 tkent@chromium.orgSupport stand-alone month names in calendar picker
2012-11-08 keishi@webkit.orgImplement week picking to calendar picker
2012-11-07 keishi@webkit.orgImplement month picking to calendar picker
2012-10-10 keishi@webkit.orgREGRESSION (r129738): Calendar picker is too wide when...
2012-10-02 keishi@webkit.orgCalendar picker should use zero as default step base
2012-09-27 keishi@webkit.orgSuggestionPicker should support rtl
2012-09-24 keishi@webkit.orgAdd suggestionPicker to CalendarPicker
2012-08-16 tkent@chromium.orgCalendar Picker: Localize numbers in a calendar picker
2012-08-15 keishi@webkit.orgShare common code between calendar picker and color...
2012-08-14 keishi@webkit.orgMove page popup resources to separate directory
2012-07-10 tkent@chromium.orgRTL calendar picker for <input type=date> is too narrow...
2012-05-25 tkent@chromium.orgPAGE_POPUP: window.setValueAndClosePopup should be...
2012-04-26 tkent@chromium.orgCalendar Picker: Resize to minimal size to fit the...
2012-04-17 tkent@chromium.orgCalendar Picker: Support RTL layout
2012-04-05 tkent@chromium.orgAdd JavaScript and CSS code for the calendar picker...