Implement the updated port/area-based Scroll Snap Module Level 1 Spec
[WebKit-https.git] / LayoutTests / tiled-drawing / scrolling / scroll-snap / scroll-snap-mandatory-mainframe-slow-vertical.html
2016-12-20 wenson_hsieh@apple.comImplement the updated port/area-based Scroll Snap Modul...
2016-11-29 wenson_hsieh@apple.comScroll snapping on Mac should use AppKit animations
2015-08-21 ap@apple.comImprove how UI events are dispatched by WebKitTestRunner
2015-08-15 ap@apple.comClean up js-test use in scroll-snap tests
2015-08-04 simon.fraser@apple.comMove platform/mac-wk2/tiled-drawing to tiled-drawing/